News to Ooze: Moma does live, Free Pairs, Ningxia Rising and more

a lot of things happening this beginning of the year folks… here are a few drops:


Moma, as in the residential complex, has a decent theatre and they’v thrown their eight behind live music somehow putting together an incredible lineup over a few weeks. They hosted a reunited Wild Children this past saturday that had people pissing themselves with excitement and there is more goodness coming up: This weekend brings Top Floor Circus (shanghai) and Wu Tiao Ren (guangzhou). THey’ve also got a reunited underbaby, He Yong and more coming up. Check it out here

Pairs were up in Beijing last month and pulled off one hell of a show at XP.. I don’t think I got around to reviewing it but still, take my word for it,.. it was fun. Somehow, they recorded the performance and it’s up on Bandcamp so go get it.

The Ningxia connection keeps on giving and most of my favourite bands are getting together to record the master of all Ningxia Compilations: Lao Da, Buyi, Lidong, Miao and Skarving just to name a few. The project is hosted at in the hope of crowdsourcing it. As of this writing, they’ve raised almost 3000 rmb and the contributions get you cool stuff from a copy of the CD to purses, signed posters and the like. If you speak/write Chinese or have a friend that can help, go and contribute… this will be one hell of a record.

Finally, mark your calendars for February 24th! ReTROS are set to play Yugong Yishan! this is their first show on the mainland in a long time following their european tour with Pet Conspiracy and time spent recording new material.

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