Celebrating Indie Music: 2 Day Music Extravaganza

I think the question i get more often than not through the comment form on this website is: Where the hell do i buy some of this music?” especially from out of town visitors. I wrote about CD Rock before but there is of course a lot of other options, including the respectable and aptly name “Indie Music” shop on Gulou Xi Dajie. Josh, of Pangbianr and smartbeijing) did a nice write up on them recently.

So, here is the deal: March 1st and March 2nd at Mao Livehouse, we got ourselves 2 nights of celebration for which they enlisted some of their favourite musicians in town:

March 1st:
This one is old school folky with Poshangcun, Zhang Qianqian, Zhang Guonian, Bu Yi and Xiao He.

March 2nd:
more on the younger side of thingsm very poppy: Cha Liangfen, Elenore, Shou Ye Zhe, Ge Bi Tuan and Escape Plan (per del)

I’m definitely in for night 1 of this little shindig, especially with rumours floating around about Bu Yi that i’ll get to sometime soon. So, get out there, support the kids, the music and have yourselves a good little time.

Indie Music Shindig
douban: http://www.douban.com/event/18177055/
March 1st/2nd
Mao Livehouse Beijing

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