PlanetROX 2013: Wanna Go Play a Festival in Canada?

This just in from Canada via HK:


PLANETROX is a worldwide music competition whose mission is to discover the best new bands and expose them to a wider international audience. In 2013, Envol et Macadam will be expanding its ties to the rest of the world and hitting it with a big bang: alternative bands from different countries will be able to sign up for their PLANETROX auditions and the chance to play at the next Envol et Macadam Festival in Quebec City, Canada.

PLANETROX 是一個國際音樂比賽,而我們的宗旨是要發掘最好的新樂隊,讓它們推向更廣闊更全球化的觀眾。 2013年的Envol et Macadam 將會擴張與其他國家的聯繫隆重登場:在各國的原創另類樂隊都能參加PLANETROX的試音爭取在加拿大魁北克市即將來臨的Macadam Festival上演出。

The PLANETROX project is an initiative of Envol et Macadam in collaboration with the City of Quebec. The mission of this international undertaking is to discover the best up-and-coming bands in each of the participating countries and to present them to the public at the Envol et Macadam Festival each September. This third year of PLANETROX will involve Canada, the United States, France, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico.

PLANETROX 和加拿大魁北克市政府第三次合作舉辦的音樂節;今年會包括加拿大,美國,法國,英國,德國,捷克,日本,中國,馬來西亞,印尼,和墨西哥。此音樂節是以另類原創音樂為主題,亦是當地最大的原創另類音樂節。

Envol et Macadam is Quebec’s top alternative music festival. It continues to innovate and to develop projects that allow local and international up-and-coming artists the chance to take part in an event that annually attracts over 20,000 music fans, as well as many industry professionals. Its programming appeals to a young and hip crowd; Bad Religion, Mastodon, Sum 41, Pennywise, Karkwa, The Sounds, Metric, Malajube, Raekwon, Bloc Party, Hatebreed, IAM, The Exploited, As I Lay Dying, No Use For A Name andLagwagon are but a few of the well-known artists that have played and delighted festival goers at Envol et Macadam in past years.

Envol et Macadam音樂節致力發展及帶動計劃提供本地及國際樂隊機會演出,每次吸引20,000多音樂愛好者和同行業的專業人士參與。 吸引一眾年輕潮人,過往曾經參與演出的知名樂隊有:Bad Religion, Mastodon, Sum 41, Pennywise, Karkwa, The Sounds, Metric, Malajube, Raekwon, Bloc Party, Hatebreed, IAM, The Exploited, As I Lay Dying, No Use For A Name 和 Lagwagon。

How does PLANETROX works? Register your band and pick your best song (original compositions only). If you are chosen, send us a video and get people to vote for you!

PLANETROX 是如何運作的? 先登記你的樂隊然後選出你們最棒的歌曲(只限原創)。 如果你被選中了,再發一個跟之前同曲目的音樂視頻給我們然後讓群眾投你們的票吧!

PLANETROX timeline 2013

March 20th
Launch PLANETROX & open band registration
May 16th
Band registration closes
May 20th
10 Semi-Finalists announced
May 21st – May 28th
Semi-finalists submit videos
May 29th – June 12th
Public voting period
June 14th
5 Finalists per country announced
July 6th
Country Finale in Hong Kong at Backstage in Central – 5 bands playing 20min slots
中國總決賽於香港舉行– 5隊樂隊,每隊演出20分鐘
September 6th – 7th
10 countries invited with musicians from 15 cities around the world : PLANETROX @Envol et Macadam Festival, Quebec City
來自15個國家的15隊樂隊於PLANETROX @Envol et Macadam Festival,魁北克市演出

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