China at Wacken 2013: Meet Nine Treasures

so folks, the Wacken battles came and went over the past few weeks.
A whole lotta bands got together at 13 Club over a few weekends and gave it their best shot! Still, there can be only one winner!

The final battle that mattered saw the following bands going axe to axe:
An interesting set of finalists where to be honest with you, i didn’t expect 9 Treasures ( Jiu Bao) to come out on top. Not that they’re bad or anything, i actually love these kids and have known them with their older lineup before Hanggai snagged Allen away. But Tenger Cavalry was built to win this kinda contest and are already quite popular overseas comparatively speaking. It would be fun to see Jacky Danny on a German stage but the Metal kids would eat them up. so.. ladies and gentleman.. Germany… are you ready?


yup… I’m really happy for the band as i know they’ve been working hard and paying their dues by helping out with Hanggai and following the guidance of SX MEdia… get an idea of what they sound like here:

me likey…

Again, Congratulations to Ashan ( Vocals, guitar) Aoger ( Bass) Wills (Balalaika) Ding Kai (Drums) and Saqir (Sampling)


Nine Treasures signed with Metal Hell Records (Tengger Cavalry):
“Arvan Ald Guulin Honshoor” (Ten inches brass mouth), their first release, will be available worldwide in June but under a new name: “The Edacious Beast”. All tracks will be there plus a bonus song entitled “For Whom the Bell Tolls” will appear on the new version.

Follow Nine Treasures
get their songs on SOundcloud:

no bad uh? You can catch the saturday night at 2 Kolegas along with OOC, the intrepid travellers and more!!!

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