Record Store Day in Beijing: Get to XP

Genjing Records is engineering of China’s debut participation in Record Store Day, the annual event designed to celebrate independent music retailers, labels and music aficionados with a series of events on the third Saturday in April. Now in its seventh year, this marks the second that the country has participated in the annual event.

so, what are they doing?

Genjing and Wooozy are throwing a party in the capital city with a screening of this year’s official Record Store Day film Last Shop Standing alongside performances by the newly-minted Genjing outfit Streets Kill Strange Animals, experimental American transplants Alpine Decline and Lilisay, the cool new trip hop side project from post-punk duo IDH’s Xiao Yu. Attendees can also look forward to drink specials (cheap and strong), contests (free stuff), vinyl giveaways and merchandise distribution from other creative folks, including local retailers, record shops and creative firms.
XP, 8pm, 50RMB

Well, i’m gonna skip passing judgement on the bands playing and so should you… but i’ll still stop by, say hello and help these cats who are fighting the good fight. So see you tomorrow at XP.
in the meantime, read Genjing’s interview with Pip Piper, (nice name, got a T-shirt?) director of the afore mentioned documentary. You can also take a look at SmartBeijing’s extensive interview with Genjing’s head honcho: Nevin Domer

Good job Pete and Nevin. now, go buy some records… hear me? that’s a lot of karma brownie points and we could all use some