last minute: Abaji at CD Blues Tonight

ok.. there is a fuck up somewhere on the ladder when Abaji is in Beijing, playing a gig, and no one freaking knows about it. Thank You alliance francaise for a fuck up in communication!!!

For those that don’t know who Abaji is, read up on my past reviews of his shows…. the guy is pure magic and genuine love. HEre is a video of him running around the hutongs playing

Seriously folks.. the guy is sheer magic and genius! not to mention a beautiful heart!!! and the gig is free from what i hear on CD Blues weibo stream.

04/24#演出公告# “不断行走和寻找”ABAJI音乐会.,ABAJI的音乐足迹遍布五大洲.他熟练地驾驭着各种奇特乐器,并可用阿拉伯语,法语,希腊语,土耳其语,亚美尼亚语等语言演唱.此次中国巡演仅在北京演出一场,邀请函可从即日起到店内领取,数量有限.了解更多详情请致电85610560.

sorry obituary…. 🙁

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