Shanghai Sonic: Aerosmith, Limp Bizkit, John Legend or the Great Big Hoax?

boy oh boy if this turns out to be real!! Shanghai, you will have earned yourself about 20 extra notches on the niubility scale.
So rumours have been floating around for a little while about a lineup unrivalled so far in China and that’s even when we talk about that famed CHaoyang Pop Festival in 2007! How is this?

Aerosmith, John Legend, MIA, Jake Bugg, Carly Rae Jepsen, Suede, Limp Bizkit and Alt-J. They would be joined by a strong list of Chinese and Mandopop acts: Reflector, Omnipotent Youth Society, Hebe from SHE, Soda Green just to name a few!

Why am i bringing it up now? the evidence that it might actually happen is overwhelming:

1- screenshot from ministry of culture approving the festival:


2- screenshot of the lineup and time slots


So… another case of the great big hoax or the real thing? here’s hoping it’s a hoax because otherwise, i have to consider the prospects of spending about 10days down there between the Metallica gig and this.

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4 Responses

  1. Andy Best says:

    “Aerosmith, John Legend, MIA, Jake Bugg, Carly Rae Jepsen, Suede, Limp Bizkit and Alt-J”

    Not sure how this counts towards being Niu B. Except if we’re rating it on how big a following artists have over the music etc. I thought you were all about the hard rock and all that? I just saw M.O.T.O. in Shanghai, now that was NiuB. I saw Cold Cave not long before that, and Wye Oak and Thee Oh Sees. Lamb of God played Mao Livehouse SH. Splitworks tried for Savages too, but apparently their manager is a huge dick now that they’ve suddenly become the big thing in London. Pity, they are perfect for the China scene too. Really, Shanghai is already pretty good for international acts without all the festival nonsense.

  2. Archie says:

    Well, Suede are coming in September, and Alt-J did get an offer (apparently) but turned it down, so that lineup is wrong in part at least.

    And Savages manager is quite nice – their agent on the other hand isn’t at all, in any vernacular 🙂

  3. jtdj says:

    Saw this update about Shanghai Summer Sonic.

    Seems Aerosmith and lots are off the list, but Korn and Avril have been added. I think they’re just adding things at random now.

    Also read weibo post about some bands possibly getting held up for approval because of a “new rule going into effect July 1” that would affect foreign bands.

    最近大家比较关注的Shanghai Sonic,目前只有两支北京乐队送批,但也不排除主办等七一新政策施行后再报海外艺人,但有部分海外艺人是进不来的。目前网上流言四起难逃有炒作之嫌。还请主办早日现身说法[围观]


    • Beijing Daze says:

      yeah, noticed the lineup shuffles!
      I’m holding off on any further updates for now until i see something more concrete.