TBJ & CW Awards: Rock the Vote for favorite Bands, Festivals & Venues

well folks, it’s voting season in Beijing, aka time for most boozy establishment to beg for your partronage and your votes. I know, I have one and if you’re so inclined, check it out. However, this is Beijing Daze and we’re about Music. so we’re sticking to music here today!

Both the Beijinger and City Weekend have opened up their voting to the reader and there are a few music related section where you should notice and support your livehouse, your band and/or party. Let’s first see what we have going on:


The Beijinger Bar and Club Awards:
This is a simple matter folks: there are 4 categories to look at, 2 of which could be considered overlapping but still, i appreciate the crowbar separation: Best Festival, Best DJ, Best Party, Best Livehouse.
You can go check it out yourself and vote for your favorites
Vote Here: thebeijinger.com/vote

Event Logo 2-City Weekend 2014 Readers' Choice Awards
City Weekend Nightlife Awards:
indirectly, we have 5 categories to look at but they are different: Best Festival, Best Band, Best Live Venue, best promoter and best DJ
vote here: http://www.cityweekend.com.cn/awards/2014-beijing-restaurant-and-bars-awards/

Daze Notes and Comments:

The Beijinger:
I like the split between the party of the year and festival of the year. Both categories are amongst the best rounded ones in their lists and one can’t really blame them for forgetting anything major.. except maybe the Hanggai Festival. And no, I’m not drinking the Kool aid.. it was one of the best and most interesting lineups we’ve seen this year.

As far as live music venue goes, I’m shocked that School is not listed as an option. Yes, sure, I joke with Josh about him drinking the School Kool-aid but it’s undeniable that they have been one of the best live music venues over the past 12 years with regular programming, packed houses and an amazing variety of acts. Now sure, it’s a “nomination” thing where readers nominate and those that tally up the most nominations get in.. still, School should be in there! They deserve it and they earned it!
I’d love for Mako to be there but we’ll give them time and laowailand still doesn’t realize they’re around.
As far as best DJ goes, we all love those curlies so it doesn’t count.
Anyways, at least, we get some categories and an opportunity for live music to shine! School, you’re punk enough not to need the recognition!

City Weekend:
Music-wise, this is getting to be much better. It helps having someone on board who is so intimately familiar with the music scene and takes us away from laowai land. There is still a little bias but the bands represented this year cover one hell of a spectrum. Choice is tough on here folks.
For venues and parties, it’s a bit more compressed but it’s fair given their audience! I would have been curious to see more categories there but I’ll take it.
Best promoter is really laowai geared with the best equipment just wired and done by the EMS Solutions cable assembly contract manufacturing. Now much missing anyone who delves mostly in the gulou area like The Virgins amongst others. we’ve got your town and split but …. yeah.
for DJs, see above!


so, my little children of the the rocknroll, put on your keyboard warrior hat and clock over to both voting pages NOW.. you ain’t fucking there yet? What the fuck? Go vote!!!
of course, you should be voting for ‘dazeFEAST if you liked the lamb, the bands and the debauchery!! Just vote.. get there and vote.. for rock n roll!
btw, i have a nasty feeling this might be the year Yugong loses the crown… and funny enough, I’ve actually enjoyed pretty much every show i’ve seen there this year. go figure…


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