Lotsa New Tunes: AV Okubo, Liquid Oxygen Can, SUBS, Dou Wei, Hedgehog etc…

long time no new music folks and truth be said, i just didn’t listen to anything new recently but with the avalanche of fresh music coming my way, I have no choice but abide and start listening to all the new goodies.


AV Okubo – Dynasty
First thoughts: It’s slightly overproduced… I feel weird when the main selling point of an album is the producer. Seriously! Are we supposed to by this because Andy Gill of Gang of Four helped with it or are we supposed to buy it because it’s a kickass record? Maybe in this case, we got one that’s both! Give it a listen below from bandcamp. For the record, my favourite so far on the record is by far Red Tank. it’s a mellower, vocal AV OKubo that i dig more than the over processed style.

Hedgehog – Phantom Pop Star

it took them a little while but they made it onto Modern Sky which is weird. I’ve always thought of them as a Maybe Mars band despite them never having signed with MM.
New year, new record, same Hedgehog. I don’t think i’ll ever throughly enjoy any of their poppy stuff after being treated to the darkness within in 2011 “destroy memories”
Listen to the album below or on their bandcamp

Dou Wei – Horoscope

one track, 52 mn… right on the heels of his previous 1 track 50+ mn weird ass Tibetain Buddhist Sutra Metal thing. Dou Wei is getting weirder or has decided that there was room to improve music in cafe houses and elevators worldwide with long tracks. This baby was actually recorded in 2012 and is a lot more electronic ambient ( think buddha bar compilation material).
I’m curious which one came first… this one or the pagan metal.
Give it a listen over at http://www.jlou.net/2014/04/窦唯-天宫图/ and if you’re technically able, just grab it.

Liquid Oxygen Can – Nothing Matters (一切都不重要)


I’ve been a fan of these kids since i saw them at Strawberry 4 years ago..yeah, there was a time i went to strawberry. New EP, 3 new songs, good warm up for their upcoming gigs over the May Holidays.
TO be honest, it’s the same old same old with enough chord changes to call it a new song.. hehe.. hehe.. take the 3 songs for a spin on their Xiami

SUBS – You Are You

I saved this one for last… over the years, I’ve grown to develop a special relationship with this band. They kick ass, do things their way regardless of the naysayers and change skin colours more time than a chameleon.. and maybe that’s why it’s befitting that there is a lizard like creature on the cover of their new CD that is a frankenstein of bugs, cats, fly, dragon, lizard etc…
You are You is the result of their crowdsourcing efforts with the earlier lineup which was supposed to be released in january but just made it out now. Listen to it on their douban I have no opinions yet.. I’m still trying to listen to it without preconceived notions.

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2 Responses

  1. Awesome shit! I did a Sound Stage episode of AV Okubo and they performed Red Tank. My favorite track from the album as well. The next episode coming out is of SUBS, they play Much.

    Btw, hasn’t Hedgehog always been Modern Sky? I know one of their early albums was on that label, anyway.

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    thanks dude.. I’m gonna have to hunt down that sound stage episode with Red Tank. As far as Hedgehog goes, i don’t think so but let’s see if someone else can correct us. They were definitely independent for a while…
    maybe Nevin or Archie can chime in..