Random Tidbits: Interview with Wu Wei, Singing in Chinese, AM444 and M

some cool little things been happening in the music-sphere lately.. here is a little roundup of things:

Interview with SMZB Frontman, Wu Wei
I love me SMZB, one of the most interesting bands to come out of China and find myself wishing that they were based in Beijing instead of Wuhan. I can’t change that but i can definitely appreciate this in-depth interview with their front man, Wu Wei, over at The China Story.
It’s pretty darn candid, revealing and one hell of a good read.. Learn more about his background, the challenges of being in music and not knowing who Cui Jian is.

Singing in Chinese..is the new black

I find this weird.. a San Fran based Rock band, Dream Rush, singing in Mandarin! They’re making a name for themselves covering this niche market. As far as I know, in one of their interviews, most members don’t even speak the language yet they manage to sing in it. I’ve taken some of their songs for a spin and it’s not sounding half bad. Like a mix of Tang Dynasty and Black Panther. They even have themselves a douban page!

on the same token, Juliane Jones, an aspiring pop folk artist, has now released an album half in English and Half in Chinese. I never even heard of her but she’s one of a legion of acts looking to capitalise on the popularity of Mandarin Chinese. Here is her latest video (VPN needed)

I’m not commenting on the quality of the music but the trend of bands singing in Mandarin is going up.

AM444 and M

in what looks like the next episode of the love story between France and China Based musicians, we have AM444 and M that cooperated on a sultry version of “Detache Toi”
It’s not my kind of music but is pretty darn goooooood. Chacha’s voice and that of M mash up pretty darn well. Check it out for yourselves:

Outside of China: http://www.madmoizelle.com/detache-toi-clip-am444-m-exclu-261333
Inside China: http://www.letv.com/ptv/vplay/20134716.html

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