Chasing Chasing Star

Flashback to 2006.. yes, that’s 2006! pre-Olympics Beijing when the area across from the North gate of Gongti was home to Nanjie, redbar and Yugong Yishan (map)! Seems like a long time ago? that’s because it is..
A friend of mine rang to say that this Bass player dude she knew was playing a gig at Yugong Yishan (map) and that it was worth the trip, she was sure I was gonna love it. And I DID!

problem is, I never knew what the band name was and neither did my friend. I spent 2 years thinking about those guys and that lady who fronted them.. as well as that haunting melody of one song where all i remembered/recognized was the words ” na li” ( 哪里 “where” in Chinese).

I lost contact with that friend and the never thought i d see the band again but destiny works in funny ways. We started hanging out again and I sent her on a mission to find that Band with the cute girl.. and she did!

追星族 Chasing Star

One of the best kept secrets of Beijing’s underground music, they’ve been playing together for over 3 years now and manage to bring out a nice following everytime I’ve seen them around.
This trio (the drummer somehow is no longer officially in the band after a stint with Beijing expat outfit “Bad Apples) is cool!


I’m not going to describe them other than say that they’re amazing and you can sample some of their songs over at (site gone) new one at Ou Yang, the bass player, is a veteran of Beijing’s music industry. He also plays Bass for new-metal outfit “The Face” and occasionally DJs in clubs around Beijing.
Guo Keyu, lead singer, is a veteran of the arts scene as well! you might remember her from the movie “Red Cherry” where her characters was used as a human tattoo canvas by a German-Nazi officer!

Tonight’s show at YGYS will see them crossing paths with a French Band I never heard of before.. that said, Chasing Star is reason enough to go there! Really folks, do yourself a favor and come for some good music!

Start Time: Friday July 31st, 2009 at 9:00pm
Location: Yugong Yishan (map)
Street: Dongsishitiao 东四十条 3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu
Cost: Not positive, I think RMB50

Chasing Star

Yugong Yishan 愚公移山
3-2 Zhangzizhong Lu (100m west of Zhangzizhong Lu subway station),

Thebeijinger | Mobilenative (better map)

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