Beijing Quickslants: Back to live music

After 2 weeks of less than thrilling live music options in the city, it looks like we’re back on track for some really decent live shows this week with both local and visiting artists! Yeah Baby, let’s get some rock n roll! So, here is where yours truly might end up this week should time permit:

music to cleanse you by :-)

music to cleanse you by 🙂

Wednesday Nov 4:

Red Zebra @ Salud in Nan Luo Gu Xiang: Salud has been doing live music on wednesdays under the radar for quite some time now. It’s a good little option to keep in mind for a midweek unwinding session. Expect some Blues, Folk and country music, all of which are perfect complements to their spiced rums.

Thursday Nov 5:

Fink @ Mao Livehouse: Don’t know much about this cat but everything i read seems positive so far and the curiosity factor is definitely high. It’d also be cool to see how Mao fares in an intimate acoustic setting. RMB60 at the door
You can hear some samples on the record label’s page and Fink’s own myspace page

Friday Nov 6:

Buyi @ jianghu jiuba: I saw these cats a few weeks back over at Mao’s folkfest and was impressed! great intro and amazing contagious energy and they have a rabid following! That said, I’m still confused as to the identity of their bass player: Most promo lists a lady but the last 2 live shows had the chinese version of Robert Trujillo handling ax duties. Check them out at

Clive Chin @ Bed: I’m not a fan of DJs and don’t like how magazines piss all over themselves when it comes to folks and turntables but this guy got me intrigued. Long track record of producing quality bands so he must know what he’s doing! It’s also a possible opportunity to head over to Bed and ask your date in the kinkiest possible way: ” Do you feel like going to Bed with me and listening to some reggae?”

Saturday Nov 7:

Candy Monster & Steely Heart @ 2 Kolegas: good uptempo rock in one of my favorite Beijing venues! Part of the 2 Kolegas fun is that the bands all hang out around the stage to listen to each other and even occasionally start impromptu jam sessions.

November Rain @ 13 Club: If i was in the mood for a trek to wudaokou, this is undoubtedly where you’d find me! a whole bunch of local bands get together for a Guns n Roses tribute show. Expect loads of spandex, hair gel and body odor but it’s all in the name of Rock!

Sunday Nov 8:

Buyi @ D22 on folk night: Rumor has it that this will be a stripped down acoustic show and I’d be curious to see how they manage to harness the energy in an unplugged setting. Again, this is for all of you Haidian dwellers.

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