Beijing live music quickslants – lots of intriguing shows along with old reliables!

Yup, it’s Wednesday which means time to start thinking about all those things that can distract us from the next two days standing in the way of the weekend.
There seems to be quite a bit going on this week, especially indie stuff that sounds interesting enough to brave the cold and next week is looking quite nice as well. So, what we got so far?

music to cleanse you by :-)

music to cleanse you by 🙂

Wednesday Nov 18:

Michael Dalin Trio @ Salud in Nanluoguxiang! I’m otherwise busy but if I wasn’t, I’d be over there in a heartbeat. Michael is the voice of Bad Apples and he is joined on stage by one of my favorite performers in Beijing: Marie Claude of Mademoiselle et le Chinois fame. Acoustic goodness goes hand in hand with house-marinated Rums to combat this cold.

Thursday Nov 19:

Jess Meider @ Ginkgo: This has got to be the hardest working lady in Beijing. Each time I look, it feels like she’s releasing a new CD. I must admit I have yet to catch her live but I am extremely intrigued at this point.

Chengdu Rock Night @ Yugong Yishan: This is more popish-indie but I’m curious about the state of music in other cities. I’m probably heading over there to check how polished other musicians are when compared to what Beijing has to offer! 3 Bands share the bill as far as I’m aware and they’re most folk, ska, and pop.

Friday Nov 20:

DH & The Hellcats @ 2 Kolegas: Now we’re getting serious! good old rockabilly with some of my favorite performers in the city. These cats know how to put on a show and make it worthwhile to head over there even in the chill of winter. Hearing lead singer Dizzy Hemmy (DH) scream “Are You Ready to Dance?” is something I never get tired of.

Saturday Nov 21:

Gia Wang @ Mao Livehouse: Boy am I curious!!! Gia’s history with Hang on the Box is well documented and I’m am intrigued by the possibilities when she starts delving into other types of music. This has the potential to be a smash or a crash..maybe both at the same time!

so this week, it’s not about’s all about quality folks! Next week has some cool stuff in store with the return of GAWTMY to the scene as well as The Redbucks amongst others.