Cui Jian Playing Beijing on Dec 24th

Yup ladies and gents, Cui Jian , the godfather of Chinese rock, is gracing old Beijing with his presence on December 24th as part of his Rock n Roll on the New Long March Tour.


I find it amazing that such a big profile act is scheduled to play the city and the show is somehow not more widely advertised. One could argue that Lao Cui has rabid followers that will know where he is and what he is doing at any point in time so he doesn’t really need to advertise but still, I find it slightly disturbing that the show is listed on Chinese version and nowhere to be found on their English version!

That said, according to the Chinese site, as of right now, ticket are available for 580, 780, 980 and 1280 with specials at 1200 ( 2*780) and 1600 (2*980).

I was lucky enough to catch his live performance at chaoyang pop fest 2 years ago and it was a blast. I had heard that he was over rated and what not but let me tell you folks, that ain’t true! He puts on one hell of a live show with huge supporting cast mde up of drums, percussions, keyboards…. What also sets him apart is how involved the audience is with his songs.

one hell of an ensemble.. (photo credit to

one hell of an ensemble.. (photo credit to

I’d definitely check it out for 580 but I’m not sure I’d spend more… the cheaper tickets are long gone now!

Cui Jian Beijing Concert, Beijing Exhibition Center
December 24, 2009
ticket info:

Cui Jian on Wikipedia | Rock In China

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