Beijing Live Quickslants: 2010 starts with a few bangs

Nice opening salve for the new decade with plenty of quality shows to kickstart the year the right way! As usual, this is not all of it but merely the shows yours truly might consider attending.. and there are a few!


Wednesday Jan 6th:

Whiskey night & Spoke words @ the bookworm: I’m not a big fan of the service or the attitude at the bookworm but I might make an exception tonight and check them out for this little combo. I like spoken words/poetry and i also love a good single malt. The two pair up quite nicely in my book.

Friday Jan 8th:

Spring & Autumn Unplugged @ 13 Club: 3 acoustic guitars and musicians that actually know what the fuck they’re doing. It was a joy to see them a few weeks back and would love to catch them here.

Punk Night @ D-22: It seems like a repeat of the show from 2 weeks ago at Mao with “The Unsafe”, Sochu Legion, etc… Should be quite a decent heavy show until they bring out the Ska again… just kidding! Loved the “The Unsafe” and would not mind catching them again.

Sing For China in China: Queen Sea Big Shark + Casino Demon + B-Side Lovers (Hedgehog side project) at yugong yishan: These 3 are some of Beijing’s better/most famous bands and the fact that they’re all on 1 bill is a good chance to hit 2.5 birds with 1 stone. Atom, Hedgehog n B-side drummer packs a TNT bang in that tiny frame of hers. This is my show of the evening!

Saturday Jan 9:

Black Cat Bone @ 2 Kolegas: yup, it’s that time again! Beijing’s answer to the Blues Brothers comes out of hibernation at 2 Kolegas to raise the usual noise and bring the rowdy out of you. Them cats be cool, especially when they play on their home turn. Expect the show to start late and go on til the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday Jan 10:

Powell Young @ Yugong Yishan: This guys is being compared to Steve Vai & Joe Satriani in terms of musical ability and guitar playing. Maybe a good chance to check out one of the better ax-masters of China? high curiosity factor on this one.

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