Beijing Live Music Quickslants: From Bad Apples to Woodie Alan

Interesting line up this end of the week music-wise.. it’s one of those that reminds you of the variety and diversity of this music scene:

Thursday Feb 4

Bad Apples @ Yugong Yishan: I’ve missed seeing these guys sweating it out in chaoyang and it’s about bloody time they make it back. Good bluesy rock that swings around to the hard or reggae side every so often. See my 10 questions with lead singer Michael Dallin here. Mama Funker opens the festivities!

Rock night @ Mao: when isn’t it? a whole bunch of house bands get together for a little bash at Mao who’s slowly turning into my newest favorite venue in town. this might be a good opportunity to discover some diamonds in the rough

Friday Feb 5

Punk Night @ Mao: One band I’m extremely curious about is playing there ( Gumbleed) along with Misandao whose shows I do enjoy. Great little line up of screamers and angry mofo on a night where nothing else is happening in haidian.

Saturday Feb 6

Now things get complicated because this is one evening filled with cool stuff:

Bookswap @ Sequoia Cafe: yup, the monthly bookswap and boardgames meet. Come down and get your arse kicked at Settlers of Katan or some other game. Oh yeah, swap some books as well

Shifen Festival @ Penghao theater: Brainchild of the one and only Elyse Ribbons where arts and folk meet! Expect some good comedy and food for your brain. See read Elyse’s interview at The Beijinger and check out the press release here

Maybe Mars @ Obiwan: As far as I’m concerned, this is the coming out party for Obiwan as a live music venue. I’m genuinely interested in what they’re trying to do and how they want to be different but I still remain skeptical about how they can fit live music in there. Acoustic performances by Ourselves Besides Me and The Molds.

Woodie Alan @ The Orchard: Apparently, there is some life in Shunyi 🙂 Arguably Beijing’s BEST blues band is on for a one night only reunion show at their old digs in expat heaven. Kidding aside, if this is not a great opportunity to head out to shunyi for a meal and a show, I don’t know what is. look for 10 questions with Alan Paul to be up a bit later today.