Live Music quickslants: Free the Birds, Chasing Star, Mademoiselle & Maggie Who

Man oh man! I picked the wrong week to get the hell outta dodge because Beijing is getting ready to make up and kiss after the general musical coma we experienced with Chinese New Year.

Wedneday Feb 24th:

Maggie Who @ Mao: Well, these kids were cool enough to open for “Dirty Deeds” when they reunited back in September, need I say more? They’ve been busy recording their first EP over the past few weeks and they’re ready to kick ass ( I think). It’s part of Mao’s “Don’t Call Us Foreigners” series. I’m curious about it and really sad that I’m gonna miss it.

Thursday Feb 25th:

Daisy Sweetgrass @ Ginkgo: Do I even need to mention that this lady has the sweetest voice in Beijing along with a smile that would melt a rock? Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that she can sing with the best of them. Good old fashioned roots music at one of the most underrated places in town.

Punk Metal Orgy in Green @ Mao: how’s this for a bill: the Unsafe, Misandao, Hell City, Soju Legion, Trash Cat and Discord? There’s gonna be noise, guitars, screaming, middle fingers and lot of attitude. It’s a Beijing Guo’An themed party so try and wear green!

Friday Feb 26th:

Mademoiselle @ Ginkgo: Marie Claude works a crowd with the best of them. The Montreal Minx as she’s been knicknamed sings in French, Chinese, English and smiles. Her brand of Gypsy jazz is unique in Beijing and I love her to death. That said, French Warning on the evening, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Sunday Feb 28th:

Lantern Festival @ Yugong Yishan: Free the Birds ( formerly known as ZIYO) headlines the show with Chasing Star opening the festivities. 2 Bands that could headline on their own are sharing the bill and should not be missed. Chasing Star only comes out of hiding once every blue moon but they be good y’all. Of course, Helen Feng on her own warrants a trip to Yugong that night.

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