Review: Mademoiselle charms & GAWTMY awes Yugong Yishan

Two of my favorite bands managed to combine forces this past saturday for a show to remember at Yugong Yishan: Mademoiselle with her charming gipsy jazz & Girls Are Waiting To Meet You with their cacophony of uptempo melodies!

Mademoiselle opened up the festivities and the full band minus Nico (drummer) was there! The guitar, clarinette, contrabass and accordion were all accounted for while she gracefully sang her way through French jazz classics in a way only Marie-Claude can.

Mademoiselle busy putting the audience under a spell

The voice was enchanting, the smile was hypnotizing and the audience fully under her spell. I had a few friends along that night including Miss Ruby and they all seemed to fully enjoy what was on offer. Alas, all good things must come to an end and so did Mademoiselle’s set!

After a brief intermission, it was time for The Girls to come on and so they did! I was curious as to how the band had progressed since the last time i had seen them with Aaron as their new voice. The show at Jianghu was a bit shaky i remembered… what would tonight be like?

The girls are back for your pleasure and enjoyment

The girls are back for your pleasure and enjoyment

The lights came on at the same time as the first notes to Majestic Tree and just like that, we were in business! The Girls powered through a fast paced set of songs from their album including Fortune Teller, I am a Writer and a reworked Across Green Fields. They also premiered a new song whose name I didn’t catch but i look forward to hearing again.
As they played through their set, it was apparent that the new lineup was settling and finding their own rhythms: The songs were more uptempo to fit Aaron’s voice, the Dave’s guitar managed to fill a void that was not even there before and Kirsten helped out on vocal duties a bit more often.
I almost hate to say this because I really liked what the previous incarnation had but i must admit that i like this version of the girls more… it’s a little heavier, more uptempo, there’s almost no downtime in the set and the guitar just brings it all together.

love how this shot of Aaron came out

There were two particular highlights of this performance:
– There were a few audience members that actually knew the words to Fortune Teller as well as Majestic Tree and they sang along. In my book, that is a high praise for any band!
– when the girls finished their set, there was one hell of a crowd roar asking for an encore! I have rarely heard an audience at Yugong Yishan be that loud… it was majestic!

There's just too many girls to fit in one shot

For an encore, the band came out, cowbell in hand and proceeded to tease the crowd before launching into Early Finding to call it a night!

The New Girls singing Fortune Teller

The whole show was fantastic! unfortunately, it ran a lot longer than i expected so i missed RandomK(e)’s 5th anniversary gig.. can’t win them all!!! but that was one hell of a show! Hats off to Mademoiselle and the Girls

just one question: What’s it gonna take to get Adam (banjo & sax) into black and red clothing?

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