GAMMARAY in Beijing Moved to Yugong Yishan wednesday at midnight – Now Cancelled

It was inevitable! This landed today in my mailbox:

Poor GAMMARAY just didn’t get a chance on this one! First Mao Live is closed down then the Gov’t decided on a celebration day for earthquake victims with a cancellation of all events… The band and the venue tried moving the show to Midnight but that was way too much to ask!
I feel for the band, the fans and for my good friends at Guitar China who have been trying to clean up this mess since last week.

For Those About To Rock, We Salute You

The German Metalheads, GAMMARAY, see their show moved from Mao Live to Yugong Yishan in light of recent events mentioned below. Due to 4/21/2010 being declared the memorial day for Yushu victims, the show is scheduled to start at midnight! This will undoubtedly be a very intimate performance considering the venue and the time so worth a trip to Zhangzizhonglu for any Power Metal Fans.

I can’t say i heard of them much before but i just listened to a few songs on their Myspace page and they’re pretty darn good! Actually, this is my kind of Metal, much more so than Lamb of God.

I’ll probably be heading over there right after the Memorial Concert at Mako which will be a fundraiser for Yushu.. I love how it worked out and i can catch both shows!

GAMMARAY at Yugong Yishan
Show starts at midnight //
Rmb 220 (without gift) / 169 (in advance/with poster) / 390 (VIP:Pass+autograph+have picture together)
Check them out on MySpace:

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1 Response

  1. Dario says:

    I was about to leave for Mao Livehouse when I got the Beijinger newsletter. This totally sucks! First I miss Megadeth playing in Argentina because I moved to China and now my only dose of live thrash metal gets cancelled!

    Still, in honor of Gamma Rays last (awesome) album: HAIL TO THE METAL! _|m/