Beijing’s 2010 Outdoor Music Festival Season is here: MIDI, Strawberry and Folk

it’s festival season folks, celebrating that time of the year when we can go outside, enjoy warmer weather, chill on the grass and just listen to some good tunes…. ok so it’s Beijing and the weather kinda missed the boat so far but the music is arriving! So here’s your primer

MIDI Festival

Dates and Duration: 1st til 4th May 2010
Location: at Haidian Park, in Haidian District, Beijing.

After a year in exile, MIDI comes back home and by the looks of things, it’s got a newfound resolve and energy! Lineup wise, this is shaping up to be one of the best festivals ever and one of the best MIDI to date. Why? One of the biggest complaints against MIDI is how incestuous the whole thing can be. The same bands with connections to the MIDI school come back ever year usually, think about that scene from Casablanca: ” Round up the usual suspects“.
Not this year! On top of the usual acts like XTX, SUBS, Brain Failure, we’re getting some of the Maybe Mars acts like Carsick Cars as well as Free The Birds.
As far as international acts go, I’m personally stoked about Sahara Hotnights, Stalingrad Cowgirls and Izia amongst others! Some of the other names sound quite promising as well.

The Beijinger did a great job laying out the schedule and links so give them a spin for more information:
Also check out the official MIDI site

Strawberry Festival

Dates and Duration: 1st til 3rd May 2010
Location: at Tongzhou Canal Park, Tongzhou, Beijing.

With MIDI exiled last year, Strawberry provided Beijingers with their one opportunity for outdoors music fun during the May holiday and the masses did flock to the less traveled parts of Beijing seeking said respite. This year, they’re back for more with a lineup that sees a lot of overlapping with their Haidian counterpart. While MIDI has more of a rock feel to it, Strawberry will carry the Indie torch high and proud.
The lineup as mentioned above is pretty darn good with Pet Conspiracy, Tang Dynasty, XTX, re-TROS amongst others. The foreign bands i have actually never heard of so I can’t comment as to their quality. Of interest is that as soon as they announced their lineup on douban, a lot of people voiced their displeasure… I’m not sure why! Either way, it’s a great offer!

Check it out on Douban:
Also on

Ditan Folk Festival

Dates and Duration: 8th & 9th May 2010
Location: at Ditan Park, Yonghegong, Beijing.

Last year’s folk fest was loads of fun with a whole bunch of us hanging out, sipping a few drinks and just wasting the day away listening to some amazing music. This year promises to be just as good with a slew of acts descending on Ditan park to spread the joy with The Redbucks, Shan Ren, Malika, Chimera and plenty of others. Hanggai headlines day 1 whereas Mamer headlines day 2. I’ll definitely be hanging out there folks, I love the organic nature of this one particular festival!

More info on Douban:
Listing on The Beijinger:

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