Flavors of Spring: M’beewan @ Ginkgo and DH/SUBS @ 2Kolegas tonight

We’ve all heard that Peaches is in town playing yugong yishan tonight with Pet Conspiracy opening.. I’m sure that’s gonna be one hell of a show! But if you’re not interested in being crammed with a 1000 people in YGYS, there are 2 other great lineups tonight that are definitely worth checking out:

M’Beewan @ the Ch’ni @ Ginkgo where Moussa Boudra brings his flavors of French reggae much to the delight of the Gulou crowd. The guy is a legend in France where his records have been fairly well received even by the critics. More info here:

DH & The Hellcats, SUBS, Steely Heart @ 2Kolegas: Great weather so it’s gonna be fun out there in the drive in chilling outside sipping drinks and enjoying some rockabilly sounds from the Hellcats. I must have seen them a dozen times by now but i have yet to tire of them. I’m also curious about The SUBS tonight as they ve been holed up in a studio over the last few months recording new material for their upcoming record so we might get a few cool new songs tonight. More info here