Free Music: Bad Apples give it all to you with Pangea so get your blues on!

I feel freaking spoiled and I’m loving the amazing musicians running around Beijing who are making it possible for me to get you guys all these tunes: We’ve already had:
* Mademoiselle and her Gypsy Jazz
* ChunQiu (Spring Autumn) with Mando-Metal
* Black Cat Bone with their brand of Blooze
* The angelic folky sounds of the one and only Daisy Sweetgrass
* One was from our old friends who keep reinventing themselves in light of all the adversity that faces them Girls Are Waiting to Meet You.
* Space rock extravaganza with 2 rocking tunes from RandomK(e)

and the goodies keep on coming with no end in sight! Today, it’s yet another first! The Bad Apples gang has come through and decided to donate their whole album, Pangea, to the cause… Yes, that’s a whole freaking album with all 10 songs, no DRM, no strings attached for you to get!

Bad Apples Rocking Yugong Yishan

If you haven’t heard of Bad Apples, you’re missing out! I did an interview with frontman Michael Dallin a few months ago ahead of their Yugong Yishan gig and have been keeping an eye on his side project Vital Time for a while now! They’re currently regrouping and preparing to hit the scene again this summer with a new record, renewed energy and good backing so expect their name to pop up more often here.

Click to Download Pangea by Bad Apples

What is Pangea? Pangea was recorded in 2009 guerrilla style by the gang with no budget and the whole band playing live! It was more or less self produced and contains all original materials as far as I know. It’s down to goodness straight up rock n roll with a hint of blues and dash of reggae here and there. My personal favorites are Tijuana Tree, Herbal Remedies, and Here I Lay… it’s just a good record all around and guess what? you get it for free..
So grab the songs, listen to them and next time you catch Bad Apples live or even one of Michael’s Side projects playing, say hi, thank them for the music and sing along!!!! Because they fucking rock!!!!

our 10 Questions with Michael Dallin:

Learn more about Bad Apples and Michael here: : Official Bad Apples website Samples from all of Michael’s musical projects Good ol’ Facebook

– Ad for Michael’s Gig with with Vital Time on May 12th 26th (had the date wrong):

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