Free Music for the masses: Zhang Si’an Live @ Jianghu – a Beijing Daze exclusive

*note:* Sorry about the broken download link. It’s fixed now!

Just because the anniversary is over, it doesn’t mean we’re gonna stop bringing you folks the good tunes and with cause, we got a whole Live CD available today exclusively and nowhere else ever but at

Zhang Si'an Live @ Jianghu: Click to Download

Yup folks, it’s none other than Zhang Si’an himself that was gracious enough to provide us with this fantastic recording of one his recent performances at jianghu jiuba in March 2010! This particular performance has Jean-Sébastien Héry (Zhang Si’an, 张思安 on Rythm Guitar, Zhongruan, Voice) & Mathieu Wahiche (Solo Guitar, sound effects 麻雀)

Track Listing

1- 世界上的人 – Living on the back of the earth
2- 离开这个地方- Leave this place
3- 花儿为什么这样红 – Why are the roses so red (Cover, Uyghur folk song)
4- 引言 – Intro (Played on a Chinese instrument, the Zhongruan)
5- A 号火车 Take the A Train (Jazz classic from Duke Ellington played on the Zhongruan)
6- 幸福在哪里 – Where is happiness (Played on the Zhongruan)
7- 我的心死了- My heart is dead
8- 忘了- I forgot
9- 解放我。天净沙·秋思 Free me (Cover of an ancient Chinese poem by Ma Zhi Yuan)

Please download the records above (by clicking on the cover) and enjoy it…. JSB is one of my favorite musicians to listen to these days and I have truly enjoyed the conversations we’ve shared at the various live venues in town. Again, sincere thanks to Jean-Sébastien for doing this and releasing this live album exclusively through BeijingDaze. If you like what you hear, go on and buy his tunes through the links below…

For more on Jean-Sébastien , please follow the following links:


If you want to buy the albums, go to itunes and type “Zhang Si’an” or “The Incredible JSB” in the itunes store. You can also click on the links below and get everything on Amazon mp3.

You can also see him live this saturday May 22nd at Mako Livehouse for the record launch party of Erguang

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