Nice Creative Music Videos from Beijing: Idiotic Christmas and Psycho Rabbits

Some distractions for your Tuesday y’all

Guai Li – Devil Rabbit

Credit goes to the folks over at Kungfuology for spotting this one first!
Guai Li are quite the busy bees right now with 2 songs posted on their Douban page as well as a brand new spanking video that is terrifyingly well done. I’m a sucker for music videos and love how they can breathe life into a song… this one is really nicely done, albeit scary. I wish I could hear the singing a bit better though.

Christmas – La Ji Tong

coming to you from the self-proclaimed Beijing’s most idiotic band, Christmas, who are starting their musical endeavor with a bit of a bang. There is a nice Weird Al element to this one and I’m looking forward to catching one of their shows soon to see if the comedy aspect of things translates well on stage.


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7 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    Do Christmas have a website? I’ve had Lajitong in my head for approximately a week and I’d love some way to promote them better. 😉

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    Hey Alex,

    No website yet but they’re working on it. I’ll have an interview up with them sometime soon I hope.

  3. Bryan Gore says:

    Christmas has a Douban website in China. Here is the link:

    They’re really taking over the Beijing rock scene. There was a rumor going around town that the lead singer is really a woman who dresses as a man on stage. I saw them once in MAO Live House; it looked like a man to me…who knows:)


  4. Martin says:

    I’ve been to their show, they are killer !!!!

  5. Rachel Tanner says:

    I feel weird saying this but…I actually went out with the lead singer from Christmas. Trust me, he is totally a woman! I won’t go into any specific details, but he has a woman’s vagina. That’s all I’m sayin’.

  6. Chery says:


    Are you talking about Shafa (Couch)? Does he even have a feminine side?

  7. Rachel Tanner says:


    Yeah, Shafa; that’s the one I’m talking about. Oh, he has a feminine side…the front side. That’s where his vagina is:)

    But seriously, it’s big and harry. He’s not ashamed of it or anything. Just ask him, he’ll probably show it to you. Freak.