Fox Feather Brings GREAT Norwegian flavored Hard Rock to Beijing….

… but someone forget to tell Beijing.

2 weeks ago, as i was scanning listing for my quickslants, I saw one that seemed to pop out of nowhere: Fox Feather at 2 Kolegas. Being the curious beast that I am, I looked them up and and was quite impressed by their brand of hard rock… On a Tuesday, chances were slim that they’d be anything better happening in town and I was most definitely going there.

Come Tuesday, I decide to go grab a drink with some friends before heading over to 2 Kolegas for the show but I barely had time to order when I got a text from e-head informing me the band was on with an audience of 6 people….. i was on my way 10 minutes later. By the time i got there, the audience was up to 8 people and the band was rocking along.

If you don’t know Fox Feather, and I didn’t, let me introduce them: 4 kids from Norway in their late teens with the right list of influences like Motley Crue, AC/DC, Michael Jackson, MEtallica and Motorhead amongst other…. that’s quite important to keep in mind because as the band played on that evening, those influences all came shining through.

Lead singer Lauritz has a voice reminiscent of James Hetfield while Stian on drums looked like he might have graduated from the Tommy Lee institute of drumming.

The songs were heavy, groovy with good engaged delivery and a great attitude. It didn’t matter that there were 10 people in the audience, the band was playing like there was a full house. I personally felt that this was one of the most interesting/entertaining shows in a long time where I wasn’t just standing listening to music, I was at a freaking rock n roll show! a little dirty, a little sleazy, a little dangerous and a whole lotta fun.

shame you missed out Beijing… them kids were pretty darn good!

Turns out they were doing a mini China tour at the request of some record company and decided last minute to book a show at 2 Kolegas for a Tuesday night to have some fun.. The band actually kept playing songs on a encore and asking their tour guide whether they had enough time to play more songs before they needed to get on their way to the airport. Now that’s dedication!!! I really liked Bury Mary – apparently the single from the EP- along with I’m God and Treetop Ghosts

To top it off, the band had gotten a whole bunch of CDs printed out to distribute for free… and it’s good solid stuff folks.

Easily one of the top 10 shows in I’ve been to this year… just ask e-head!

Check out their official website:
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Here’s hoping you guys come back…

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  1. e-head says:

    Fantastic rock show, stadium-worthy sound. Then they disappeared straight to the airport!