Hanggai Festival in Beijing: Are you ready to Folk?

Ok.. no more jokes about yet another music festival but like it or not, there’s another one coming! Hanggai, the venerable folk rockers from inner Mongolia decided to organize their own festival.. why not? can’t be as badly organized as Strawberry and when the band is in charge, you know that musicians will at least have some water to drink.

Jokes aside, this one is looking promising folks (from Time Out):

On a single stage, set up to look like a Mongolian tribal area, Hanggai will perform along with some of Chinese folk music’s top bands: Mamer & Iz, Shanren, Zhang Quan (formerly of Wild Children), Nancheng Erge, Dawanggang and Zhang Weiwei & Guo Long.

It’s taking place around the Beijing suburbs in shunyi with at the ecological Anlilong Resort which by the sound of things looks like a great place to spend the night.

more information over at Time Out, the English Media Sponsor :

Strangely enough, the event is listed on douban but not really updated at the moment:

This one is definitely worth getting excited about folks… a night of BBQ, folk music and some really fun bands… might even try out camping for this.

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