Beijing Live Music Quickslants: Yugong turns 6, Hangai mini festival and wines galore

A whole lotta shaking going on this week folks! With the official ‘daze #1 crush leaving, yours truly is free to focus again on music as opposed to worrying about excessive drooling. Interesting variety in terms of choices available to us… one thing is clear, there is no time to be bored in Beijing.

Wednesday Sept 15:

Lonely China Day @ Yugong Yishan:
I’ve been curious about the so-called radiohead of China for a while now and managed to miss every single one of their shows over the past few months, including the much delayed album release. The samples on their website and douban are not pleasing to my ears and i fear I will get bored but I’ve heard too many good things about them. The Amazing Insurance Salesmen will be on opening duties tonight so at least I know I will enjoy 1/2 of the show. If it sucks, I might just run off to Mao Mao Chong for their RMB 25 cocktail night.

Thursday Sept 16:

The Cave Singers @ 2 Kolegas:
don’t know much about them other than their indie root but they claim to like Nick Cave which instantly gives them some credit in my book. Given my feelings about “indie” music in general, I gotta debate between me, myself and I whether the ‘daze mobile will be headed to lianmaqiao that evening. oh, and they’re from Canada by the way

Chuanzi & Friends @ Yugong Yishan:
Good folk music with feeling. That’s how this was described to me by someone who’s seen Chuanzi before and appreciated them. The guy’s been around for a while and even owns a music venue in Beijing… highly spoken off which explains the high-end ticket price on this one.. RMB100 at the door

Friday Sept 17:

6 year anniversary bash @ Yugong Yishan:
Yup… they been around for 6 years folks. I’ll go into more details about this one in an upcoming post but suffice to say that Free The Birds are on the bill… where do you think I’m gonna be?

Saturday Sept 18:

Things getting tough with incompatible choices:

Taste of Nations @ 798:
My favorite wine event in the city.. over 150 wines from all over the world to be sampled for 220 rmb. They moved it to 798 as opposed to the Hilton which is an interesting decision but that shouldn’t take anything away from the variety of goodies available on display. Plenty of details on the expat rags.

Hanggai Festival @ shunyi :
I’ve been keeping my eye on this puppy since i found out about it a few weeks ago. Hanggai, shan ren and mamer on the same bill on the outskirts of town is damn appealing… just not sure how to fit in both this and the wine at the same time.

GBoB heat 4 @ 2 Kolegas:
5 bands are confirmed for this final Beijing leg of GBoB including ‘daze favorites: The Amazing Insurance Salesmen. They will find themselves in the midst of a metal mania as the 3 other bands in this heat are mostly on the heavier side of things.

not sure how this one is gonna work out folks… either the hanggai festival or the taste of nations is gonna have to go by the wayside on this as they’re both happening in the afternoon.

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  1. Ruby says:

    Thursday Sept 16:

    Ruby’s pick of the night is the Jimi Hendrix 40th Anniversary Celebration Gig @ VA. I saw Purple Smog @ 2Kolegas a few weeks ago and was most impressed with “Jimi” and his crew including Stephano, the new base player for Wu & the Side Effects!