Inner City Music Festival in Chaoyang Park: A non-recycled affair and i like it!

Not gonna joke around about music festivals, we’ve been doing enough of that! I got nothing against them but I’m tired of seeing the same freaking lineups all the goddamn time. No matter how good they are, if they’re always the same, we’re bound to get fed up with it all and stop paying attention.

2 festivals right now are catching my eye as different and worthwhile: Hanggai Festival this Saturday around Shunyi which i will unfortunately miss on account of 150 different wines and the upcoming Inner City Music Festival in Chaoyang Park over the October holiday.

I just came across this little baby organized by pilot records today and it’s actually got me excited… the lineup is completely different from the usual Maybe Mars/Modern Sky/ MIDI stuff and there are some bands on the bill I’m genuinely looking forward to seeing live for the first time. They’re also bringing in some decent names from overseas with the biggest one as far as I’m concerned being ill Nino with their Latin flavored metal.

Here is a listing for the Main Stage:

October 2

Nitwits (FR)
Lao Lang
Qi Qin(TW)

October 3

Mix Market(JP)
Trail of Dead (US)
Honey Gun
Miserable Faith
Zheng Jun

October 4

Smash Up(JP)
Spring and Autumn
The Face
Twisted Machine
Ill Niño(US)
Paul Wong(HK)

As far as I can tell from the Chinese description, there’s a whole concept of traveling around the world being done for this thing so it might be a bit different from your average festival. This being organized by Pilot Records, I will expect plenty of chuanr, beers and other cheapish fare to be available all around the area. kinda cool… I think I know which festival I’m doing this october… Bring on the Metal baby


Here’s the main info:

Chaoyang Park
October 2-4, 2010, 2pm-10pm

120RMB / day (door); 100RMB / day (presale);
300RMB (three days, presale).
Tickets from or 400 810 1887.

I’m glad there is an alternative to Modern Sky for this october holiday… just as an FYI, their lineup, while being extremely indie, ain’t bad at all….