News & New Releases: Queen Sea Big Shark, Xie Tian Xiao, Rikki Sixx and more

a couple of music tidbits that y’all should be aware of:

Bad Mamasan is working on a whole bunch of new songs and might even premiere some of them at a surprise show at 2 Kolegas on saturday October 2nd.

Xie Tian Xiao is over his Reggae phase and has a new EP about to come out called 把夜晚染黑 ( paint the knight black). It’s gonna be a return of sorts to his more grungy style. The lead single of the same name has already been making the rounds as he’s played it live a few times. By the way, he has signed on with Modern Sky records apparently.

Mademoiselle is done with her CD more or less and here’s hoping it will be out sooner than later!

Gum Bleed, one of the Capital’s heavier and most aggressive bands has scheduled their CD release party + their anniversary on October 22nd at D-22

Twisted Machine on the other hand have definitely finished their baby and it’s coming out October 30th at Mao Live. expect a return to basic and one hell of a heavy sound.

Queen Sea Big Shark have also finished their CD and they’ve scheduled a release party at Yugong Yishan for October 30th as well. Can’t these bands talk so that I can go to both shows?

Finally, You Mei You has officially changed their name to The Flying Mantas and will make a few appearances around town in november now that frontman Skip is back

Rustic’s Rikki Sixx has started a new side project called The Rikki Sixx Band with their first performance line up in October. This is an interesting move that I’m gonna be following closely.

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