Bad Mamasan teaches the young pups how Metal is done in a surprise 2 Kolegas gig

What happens when you’re a musician and you get bored? you call up a couple of friends, a couple of bands and set up a last minute surprise gig at 2 Kolegas on a saturday that’s supposed to be off.. and that’s what Bad Mamasan did! I’ve known about the gig for a few days and decided to got there for my saturday music fix instead of heading to either festival… it was fun!

It was an all metal affair with Multi Ego, Animal and Bad Mamasan who ended up headlining despite not wanting to. I can really say much about Multi Ego and Animal other that they’re a fun bunch of kids who are trying really hard but are still very young… Seems like i spent a lot of time saying that this past weekend.

Multi Ego decidedly suffers from multiple musical personality disorder as they have no identity at the moment.. they’re kinda like headed the trash metal way with a few pop inspirations and a little evanescence on the side. on some songs, they’re good.. but others are just painful to listen to… They got loads of potential and Gao Feng, whose opinion I’ve come to respect, thinks they might actually amount to something. They still get an A for great synchronized headbanging….

Animal, who I had never seen before, was quite a bit more polished! They’re also quite young and just getting started with the whole concert series but they’re already on the path to heavy-ness… They have a good chance at becoming regulars at 13 club one of these days.

Finally, around midnight, Bad Mamasan took the stage! I was surprised at the turnout to be honest… there was a good 80 people in the audience, a few of which were definitely no usual suspects! Skip Lunch from Flying Mantas stopped by and so did Zhang Si An along with a bunch of Ningxia musicians. not bad for a last minute gig when two festivals are taking place in town.

Bad mamasan started with some of the new songs they had been working on. The first one they played definitely sounded good and had some interesting arrangements in there. As Jaime said after the show, “it’s a bitch to play live”. The rest of the gig included a bunch of new songs and some of the previously released stuff from their live album ( available for free download on the Bad Mamasan website). I like how “God of War” is coming along… really cool riffs.
The band tried to avoid covers but we wouldn’t let them getaway with it… enough bitching by the audience convinced them to play Highway Star and Ruby’s favorite, Helter Skelter, as an encore.

Great audience reaction and tons of metal fans showed up for this one… there was a huge difference between the quality of the acts and when Jaime and Co. took the stage, you could see and tell the difference between the pups and the seasoned veterans, warriors of the stage that paid their dues in sweat, licks, riffs and Jack.

Coincidently, I tried bribing the band with 2 bottles of Jack Daniels if they played Motley Crue’s shout at the devil but they wouldn’t…. shame on you Jamie… offers stands for another 30 days!

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