Beijing Live Music Quickslants: Mamer, White Eyes, Wong Faye, and molto vino

The weekend is rolling around with some really cool shows on the horizon folks and some of them are actually worth braving the cold for.

Thursday November 4:

Mamer, Li Tieqiao & Dawanggang @ Jianghu:
If you like folk, this is where you wanna be thursday night. I’ve loved mamer’s performances over the past year but he’s apparently trying some weird experimental stuff recently, following in the footsteps of xiao he. Let’s hope that’s not the case! Dawanggang get good reviews from some trusted music insiders and are worth checking out.

New Generation of Rock @ Mao Live:
Black Eyed Child, Closer, elec-bunny, Sweet Escape, Two Faced Country. These are all names I’ve never heard of and it would be extremely interesting to see what the upcoming batch of Beijing rockers sound like. It’s always a good opportunity to discover a few diamonds in the rough.

Friday November 5:

The White Eyes @ Mao Live:
I’m looking so forward to this show that I might skip on it because I’m afraid I’ve built up my expectations and the band can’t match them. I loved their last Beijing appearance and have been keeping an eye on their current China tour which is going pretty darn well according to their douban updates. Bigger Bang and the Ghost Spartac support the album launch. It’s gonna be electro punk all around!

Amazing Insurance Salesmen + Love’s Tourettes @ 2Kolegas:
One of the last AIS performances in beijing before they head over to Hong Kong and compete for the right to represent Asia at the GBoB finals. Always good times at Kolegas

Saturday November 6:

Hilton Wine Festival @ Hilton:
One of my favorite events of the year with 1000’s of wines, interesting foods and all over great fun on a saturday afternoon. There are a heck of a lot worst things to spend 230 rmb on.

Mr. Graceless & The Gar @ Yugong Yishan:
Intriguing roster with Mr. graceless’ inoffensive brand of rock and the Gar’s new lineup. The Gar are one of those bands that just never lived up to their potential or the expectations people had of them over the years…. they burned out too quickly but maybe the new lineup will bring in refreshed energy.

Faye Wong @ wukesong:
One of the final Beijing shows for the canto-mando-pop diva! Her previous 3 shows were extremely well received and tickets are just about impossible to catch but if you can get your dirty paws on one, it will be worth it. I saw pictures and video of the stage show which is ridiculously elaborate.

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  1. Jackson says:

    The Redbucks are also performing on Friday night at Jianghu, for those looking for another live music option this weekend. (FYI, Thursday is the 4th and Friday is the 5th!)