The Ice Queen Cometh: Wong Faye Mesmerizes & Conquers Wukesong!

ah.. Wong Faye! I still remember her in Chungking Express looking cool as ice! I also remember the first time i heard her cover of Dreams by The Cranberries and being hypnotized by her voice. Well, years later, the magic is still there and the Queen of Mando-Canto-pop is right up where she belong, showing the younglings how it’s done.

I was one of the lucky few who managed to attend one of her 5 comeback concerts in Beijing and I am so grateful I had that opportunity. Let me start off by saying that the show delivered a million times over and was one of the best things i’ve seen this year!

The Music:

I heard that her for night was a bit shaky but by the time i saw her for the fifth gig, there were no problems or whatsoever! She sounded amazing, hitting all the right notes and not missing a beat. I especially enjoyed how she structured the show taking it through 3 distinct phases.

She got things started softly with her slower and mellower melodies like 红豆 (Red Bean), bringing everyone slowly into her world. The she kicked it all up a dozen notches and went uptempo with her “heavier” numbers like 传奇 (Legend) and 开到荼蘼 (The Last Blossom) then closed thing with her more experimental songs like 寒武纪 (The Cambrian Age).

The show clocked in at 1:45mn where there was not even one small remote moment where the energy levels dropped!
The concert finished abruptly at the 1:45 mark, just like that, without goodbyes or see you later, befitting the queen of cool’s style and leaving the audience gasping for more, shocked that it was all over.

The stage and production

I was told that it took 70 tons of equipment to get through this whole show with the production design done by a famous japanese company. I don’t care who did it, I want more!

Wong Faye kicked things off coming out of an iced palace, wearing a white bjoorkish dress. She would go on and change outfits about 6 times throughout the show, going for classy, risky, fancy, poppy princess looks. Each and every costume was an integral part of the decoration, special effects and production that were exquisite, impressive without going over the top.
I particularly enjoyed her fairy flight above the crowd on a sparkling throne as well as the last sequence with great screen projections mirror imaged over the floor. The whole thing was precise to a T.

Other notes

– Wong Faye didn’t move much for the show but then again, you can’t have it both ways! to deliver the kind of vocal performance she gave, you need to concentrate on the delivery
– I loved the fact that she had a full band backing her up as opposed to freaking computer tracks
– While she did wave to the crowd a few times, she barely acknowledged the audience. No hellos, goodbyes or any other type of communication other than through the songs
– The show was sold out! if there was an empty seat in that arena, I sure as hell didn’t see it.
– The touts outside were asking for upwards of rmb2500 per ticket! judging by the attendance, i think each and every on was sold.
– The sound at Wukesong is as close to perfect as it gets. It never felt loud, soft or any extreme! It sounded just right!
– the discovery of the evening for me was 开到荼蘼 which was released in 1999 apparently. The sound is ahead of its time and just freaking amazing! plus there’s something about megaphones that is inherently sexy when they’re used for singing.

Overall, this was just an incredible show! definitely worth the wait and the hype.. you can look forward to a few more pictures and video soon!

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  1. escdotdot says:

    a-f*ing-men to all of that! I didn’t know much about Wong Faye before going (apart from Chungking Express) and was totally blown away by the whole spectacle. I think I went the night before you (Friday) and the only complaint I had was the quality of the sound, it seemed quite muddy but that may have been because I was up on the right side – it didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the evening, though (nice photos, by the way). She’s a superstar alright, I’m converted! I’m now a bit worried that Air Supply’s show this weekend will disappoint after that (that’s sarcasm, I have no expectations of AS and will only go if someone buys me a ticket… and drives me there… and buys me popcorn… but I digress).

  2. KRswift says:

    Did you come up with the title yourself or did you see this article

    Faye is legend!

  3. Beijing Daze says:

    hey there.. I’m afraid i came out with this one on my own
    It’s actually cliche enough that it’s been used multiple times to describe a few artists/shows.
    Thanks for the link though 🙂