Kaiser Kuo & Co. Bring a Rush of memories to Gulou 121

Last week, the one and only Kaiser Kuo along with a few friends decided to put on a Rush tribute at Gulou 121 under the name “Rush Hour”. That has kickstarted a whole Rush craving whereby I’ve spent the past week or so listening to 2112 all the time.

I made it there friday night for the first of two nights and got myself a decent 45 with songs like Freewill and limelight amongst others. The real feat of the night was that drummer Markus had never heard Rush before and had not played drums in a while. Yet, he was able to play Peart’s parts well enough out of music sheets… that is one major up! Kaiser’s guitar playing is as tight and exemplary as ever, the man works on his craft. Dave’s bass was good but his vocals suffered on some songs.
I wished they had played Tom Sawyer and The Temples Of Syrinx but the guys just didn’t have enough time to practice and put things together.

That said, I loved it and hope Kaiser can get some extra help and make this a regular thing.

It was my first time at Gulou 121. The sounds system was pretty darn good for such a small venue, the staff was friendly and drink prices reasonable. I don’t usually as for more from a live music venue. The seating setup is definitely not conducive to big show or headbanging kinda performances but I’ll be back there.

I would have liked to stay stay longer but i had promised a few folks i’d see them around at 2 Kolegas for Ningxia night + AIS return.

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2 Responses

  1. Jaime Welton says:

    This Rush thing could turn into something really cool. I too hope to see this happen. C’mon Kaiser!

  2. Kaiser says:

    Jaime, until Dave moves to China, you feel like learning some Rush songs on bass/vox and jamming them with me and the German? We could do all older more Metal ones. Entire first side of 2112?