Quick Slants: Lao Da, Li Dong, Santas on the Run, Omnipotent Youth with 80’s Flair

Quite a busy weekend shaping up for beijingers with options all over the spectrum. Looks like at least 2 good events per day so get your subway cards , patience and stamina ready cause you might need all of them.

Thursday December 9:

Purple Smog @ VA:
Chances are this might be the last ever performance by Beijing’s one and only Jimmy Hendrix cover band. The guys are talented and it’s always a good time with friends coming out and singing along to good old classics. I just wish it didn’t take place at VA but I’ll take it like a cowboy and check it out. You know Ruby will definitely be there.

Friday December 10:

Li Dong @ Jianghu:
Think of this as the folky version of Nucleus. They’re actually really good with honest folk rhymes and rhythms. I heard some of their stuff recently over at 2 Kolegas late one night and was pleasantly surprised at Li Xia’s voice. I expect good times and drunk Ningxia Boys.

Lao Da (Zhao Yi Ran) @ 2 Kolegas:
Gao Feng told me about this one a month ago and promised that there will be a roasted goat on the premises.. just don’t quote me on that. Lao Da is a fixture at 2 Kolegas, one of those bluesy folk types whose voice carries the pain and emotion of generations. This record, live in 1988, has been a long time coming. You can bet that the rest of the Ningxia boys will be zooming over from Jianghu as soon as their gig is over.

Saturday December 11:

Santacon Beijing:
Join an red dressed army of fake beards crawling though the city! Last year was a blast and hugely memorable, especially when the East and West side santas converged in Tiananmen. sign up at http://www.bjsantacon.com/ for details and information.

Omnipotent Youth Society @ Mao Live:
I saw these guys play a few months back and was hugely impressed by their talent. Good classic rock infused with awesome guitar, saxophone and more. These veterans of the music scene are a joy to watch live and they put on beautiful performances.

Sunday December 12:

Tribute to 80’s Metal @ Mao:
Beijing’s sleaziest, cheesiest bands gather together and pay tribute to a decade of excess, hair spray, tight pants and good party music. The Rikki Sixx band, Jacky Danny, Los Crashers, Kick Ass and more will be playing there. I can’t wait to get a taste of Jacky Danny live to see if they live up to their demos.

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