Quickslants: Miles Davis, Nanwu, Li Dong, Gangzi and another round of Metal Attack

Early Slants this week folks because there is some really cool stuff happening early on this week.. It’s a fantastic selection, a veritable cacophony of quality offerings, especially on Friday. Part of me is pissed off that I won’t be here for it but at the same time, I’m relieved I don’t have to pick between these gigs.

Wednesday Jan 12:

Miles Davis Tribute @ Jianghu:
Some of Beijing’s better Jazz afficionados will get together tonight at jianghu for a tribute to the master, the one and only Miles Davis. Bei Bei 贝贝 and Xia Jia 夏佳, who are leading the festivities, are two of the most versatile musicians in Beijing having played with the likes of Cui Jian, Second Hand Rose and even full blown orchestras. You can expect Tian Qiao to join in at some point or another.

Giants Tribute @ Mao
For shit and giggles, a whole bunch of bands are getting together and singing cover songs from glorious acts of the past and the present from AC/DC to the Chili Peppers. Think of it as a major live KTV party with some good fun, good tunes and hopefully a bit of good singing! I haven’t had the chance to catch any of the bands performing there but I’ve heard some good stuff about Transmitter and The Lifeless

Thursday Jan 13:

Gangzi @ Jianghu:
If you think of Hanggai as the only representatives of mongolian sounds in Beijing, think again! Gangzi has his own distinctive flavor and sounds, mixing guitars, throat singing and grassland melodies that can hypnotize you. While you’re there, pick up a copy of his CD. It’s one of the better releases this year in China.

Friday Jan 14:

Li Dong & Zhao Wei Wei @ Jiangjinjiu:
Folk galore between the drum and bell towers.. Ningxia plain meet Lanzhou lakes for a fusion of sounds and more stringed instruments than you can shake a harp at. Li Dong has gotten substantially tighter lately as they get ready to record and release their first album and I’m liking them a lot. Zhang Wei Wei has now become one of those modern troubadour storytellers that takes you on a decent little musical journey.

Back to 80’s III @ Mao Live:
Some of the most fun hard rock bands in the city get together and rock the crap out of Mao Live. The usual suspects will all be on hand with power chords, loud guitars and your favorite 80s metal tunes that you can sing along to as well as their own goodies. Rikki Sixx Band, Los Crashers, Kick Ass and Jacky Danny will all be on hand for a fun fun time.

Nanwu Unplugged @ Jianghu:
I debating listing this or not as this show will be jam packed most likely and thus not as much fun to attend IMHO.. still, Nanwu is one of the best new bands in China and has delivered every single freaking time I’ve seen them. Try and get to Jianghu early if you can to grab a good seat or forget about it!

Saturday Jan 15:

Noise Central @ Mao:
As the name implies, it’s gonna be noisy with pretty heavy rock, keyboards and some interesting(?) bands on the lineup. The Ghost Spardac are headlining this one I believe and they’re definitely worth a look. They just popped out of nowhwere a few months ago and they can easily claim to be one of the better heavy young bands in Beijing with decent showmanship and attitude….oh and yeah, they can actually play their instruments too.

Maggie Who & Friends @ 13CLUB
Yes, they’re baaaaack… I see the Maggie Who guys at gigs more often than most other musicians in Beijing so it’s hard to believe how long it’s been since I last saw them play live. They finally got themselves and new bass player and they’re ready to get back into the thick of it all. Black and White Grid is also on the bill and I would love to catch them again. It’s been a while since their last appearance at Mao. Out of control rounds up the bill.

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