Black Label Society Postponed and the First music festival of 2011 in Beijing

Looks like things are rolling full speed ahead folks with all the venues back in action. A fantastic lineup coming up at Yugong Yishan this weekend with reTROS on saturday and AIS/Rustic/Nucleus on Friday amongst others. 2 Kolegas has started updating their douban and the first few shows are the usual mix of Ningxia and DH.. good stuff!! Mao is not being left out with some heavy gigs planned over the next few weeks so we’re gonna be having a bit of everything.

On the bad news front, it’s looking like the Zakk Wylde/Black Label Society gig at The ONE is postponed til July. The dates have been removed from the band’s official website and the GuitarChina folks all but said not to buy tickets. They were adamant that it’s still happening, just a few months later than originally planned. I’m not sure why at this point.

And let’s get started with the music festivals: 2011 Ephemeral Festival (cool name by the way) has just popped up on my radar screen. It’s scheduled for 5 nights early April with a slew of good acts, notably Xiao He, Mamer, Wu Fei, Li Tieqiao just to name a few. They have a nice website with all the information one needs and I’m excited about this one folks. It promises to be a creative and inspiring few nights ( as long as Xiao He keeps the laptop away :p )
Check them out at

It’s good to have music back baby!!

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2 Responses

  1. Ami says:

    Don’t forget about the Jue Festival, which kicks off March 12th in both Beijing and Shanghai. It’s heavily multidisciplinary, but with a big musical component! Artists confirmed include The Whitest Boy Alive, Vitalic, Besnard Lakes, World’s End Girlfriend and more. Check out and for more information and updates.

  2. Josh Feola says:

    I also just randomly came across this fest and I’m blown away by the lineup! Looks like Xiao He is collaborating with his photo/videographer friend Zhang Yuedong, should be interesting…

    also very excited to see Wu Na, Li Daiguo, and Song Yuzhe (of Dawanggang: in the Penghao Theatre context