Quickslants: Vital Time, Helloween, Stratovarius, Fish and more

Busy busy week ahead folks!! The Capital M literary festival is full on already. The Bookworm is about to kick off their own literary feast, Metal gods are in town and the Bookswap/Board Games meet returns from hibernation.

Wednesday March 2:

Vital Time @ Jianghu:
This one coincides with lead singer Michael Dalin’s birthday. I really like this band and wish they could perform regularly! Michael did manage to put together a slew of good musicians that has the potential to be special but something always seem to get in the way. Still, come out for a few songs and even a jam session afterwards. The Daze Ukulele might make an appearance.

February March 4:

Helloween & stratovarius @ The ONE:
I don’t know what they were thinking putting this out in Gaobeidian when it could have been so much better downtown. Still, 2 extremely well thought off bands are co-headlining tonight in Beijing and it should be a blast. Are You Metal enough to go there? Unfortunately, I am not due to prior engagements but this should be one hell of a show.

Ma Tiao @ Jiangjin Jiu:
Good old folk rock to slowly bring about the end of Jiangjin Jiu. Ma Tiao is one of those old spirits that can make a guitar weep… Definitely worth checking out, especiall if you haven’t been to the area yet.

Saturday March 5:

Bookswap & Boardgames @ Sequoia:
Yes, the bookswap returns! Get to Sequoia in Jiangguomen diplomatic compound for a few hours of laughs, trading books and even a couple of board games! I warn you though, I’ve been getting a lot of practice on settlers so any challengers beware

Mitabe @ 2 Kolegas:
Yes, finally, things get going at the drive in again! Unlike Mao or Yugong however, the folks at 2 Kolegas are taking things slow. Nothing big is planned just yet, just regular little events to get things started.
This one will have dreadlocks galore and a few DJs to keep the party going after the band.

Tomorrow’s Route @ Mao:
A bunch of fresh bands showcasing their skills with the excellent Out of Control on the bill. These guys impressed the hell out of me this past weekend doing Stones covers and I’m looking forward to seeing them again very soon. Gao Feng, Trouble Maker, Larry’s Pizza and a few more bands round up the bill.

Sunday March 6:

Beautiful Folk @ Mao:
This is a bill that makes me lick my chops folks.. The ever excellent Lidong plays along with Gao Shan and the official debut of Kang Mao/Wu Hao’s new project: Thank you for the Fish. I haven’t been able to find much on what they’re doing with this online but having it pop up in a folk night give me great hope.

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