DH and her Hellcats reign supreme on women’s night while Bigger Bang crashes

last year‘s women day extravaganza at yugong yishan gave us Free the Birds, Bigger Bang and DH w/ her Hellcats. This year, 2 out of 3 were back with Kang Mao’s new project, “Thank you for the fish” replacing FTB… trading one queen for another is fair enough.

The Fish kickstarted the evening with their folky melodies. Ruby had seen them at Mao a few days earlier and confirmed what everyone should know: Kang Mao might be one of the most underrated female singers in Beijing. The Fish are actually a trio with vocals and 2 guitars, peaceful and relaxing melodies that are the extreme opposite of what SUBS do on stage. Given that this was only their 3rd ever performance as a band, I think they did pretty darn good. It’s not out of this world folk but let’s give them some time to see where it can get to.

Bigger Bang was up next and I won’t even bother waste my time on them… crappiest performance I’ve seen in a long long time. even Pupi’s “barely there” outfit couldn’t save them. words like “boring” “uninspired” “tiresome” come to mind when describing the band that night. A year later, to the day, the band has regressed on a regular basis. It’s entirely possible to blame it on this being their first show together in a while but i had noticed a downward trend too long ago to let it slide… it screams overhyped and overrated.

Finally, after the bore that was Bigger Bang, DH and her hellcats came up onstage not only to save the evening but bring it to an explosive end. The band looked as good as ever sporting matching outfits and huge smiles as usual and they played the hell out of their rockabilly tunes. DH ‘s voice, Deedee’s guitar and the rest of the band were all on top going through a new setlist with some songs from the 1920s and 1930s. These guys dedication is exemplary which makes them one of the best most fun bands for your buck pound for pound. (that was a mouthful)

As a cover band, not much is expected of the Hellcats but these guys do not use it as an excuse. They’re constantly adding new songs to their repertoire and finding new ways to present old classic. I’ve seen them easily about 20 times over the fast few year and yet, they still manage to surprise and entertain me. kudos… I wish more band worked on their craft with this amount of dedication.

Overall, despite the disappointment caused by Bigger Bang, it was a good evening. The turnout was great and diverse with plenty of men showing up. Sound held up nicely and crowd was good!

Cheers ladies… Keep on rocking!

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6 Responses

  1. Chery says:

    I think its “DH & Chinese Hellcats” or “DH & The Hellcats”. And I’m guessing DH stands for Deedee and (Wang) Hui.

  2. Chery says:

    Cuz Wang Hui’s English name is “Hemmy”.

  3. yuyang says:

    DH&Hellcats were awesome! wanna see them again asap:D

  4. 捉姦 says:

    hi nice blog^^