Quickslants: Wu Fei, The Bone returns, Electric Jess, Ember Nights and Hard Mako

Trying to get the quickslants in early this week so that people can plan accordingly. There’s a whole lotta stuff going on and unlike previous weeks where one genre was taking over, this one is pretty eclectic!

Thursday April 14:

Eisenman & Heavenly Stems @ Yugong:
In what might be his last appearance in Beijing for a while, the “hutong springsteen” as some magazine refers to him, enlists the help of Jess Meider for a rocking night! Should be a cool intimate affair with foreign flair. Don’t expect Jess’ jazzy side as she’s playing tonight with her rock chick outfit, The Heavenly Stems. Old and New Beijing will be there.

Friday April 15:

Ephemeral Day 3 @ Penghao:
Wu Fei headlines this 3rd night of Ephemeral festival along with Matthieu Ha and L’ocelle Mare. This might be the most intimate of those performances yet and one that I’m very much looking forward to. I did attend the second night a jianghu last week but I can’t say it was…uhm… exciting! I hope this one makes up for it.

Ember Swift @ Jiangjinjiu
Ember apparently just finished laying down tracks for her latest CD so expect some new songs and good fun uptempo music. I’ve been meaning to catch her play again since last time at the Bookworm but failed miserably. I’ll make parts of this one somehow.

Hard Rock Classics at Mako:
Over by Shuangjing, the is some old fashioned hard rock action with Jacky Danny, The Hippies and Velvet Highway amongst others. Each band will play a set of originals and then do a couple of covers from AC/DC, GnR, Poison etc… click here for details

Saturday April 16:

Black Cat Bone @ 2Kolegas:
My liver is afraid but I’m super excited! The ‘Bone been missing in action since the untimely departure of original drummer. When these guys come out to party, it gets rowdy, bluesy, fun and mostly out of control. I might, just might, have to leave the bike home that night.

Ephemeral Closing night @ Yugong Yishan:
One hell of a lineup scheduled for this closing performance of Ephemeral: Ma’mer, Li TieQiao, Xiao He, etc…. It’s basically the who’s who of Beijign’s experimental folk music along with some cool performers from overseas.

there ya go folks, plenty to get you grooving and keep you busy over the weekend. See ya out there!!

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2 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    Yeah, my liver was just talking to me as well and we are all afraid! LOLOL…. You are right, expect the usual out-of-controlness that you would expect. Schedule a late greasy brunch on Sunday if that makes ya feel any better.

    • Beijing Daze says:

      I guess one way to make sure the liver doesn’t wake up next to me crying in the morning is to not go to sleep at all.