Rocking August: Beijing Blues Festival, Jazz Festival, Rock Aid, In Music and more

well, one could argue that July was a bit tame and low key in Beijing as far as live music goes. Honestly, was there anything really mind blowing over the past 4 or 5 weeks? yeah… Well, we’re about to unleash the musical kraken with a slew of events to carry us through August:

Beijing Blues Festival (July 29-31)
Good old CD Blues Cafe is putting this one together and I’m surprised at how low key it is. Information was pretty hard to come by until yesterday but they’ve updated the lineups and time slots on their website.
I got mixed feelings about this place but no one can doubt their dedication to Blues.. I also really dig their chaotic style and harmonica competition.
Could prove interesting even the “steep” price of 150/day or 400 for a 3 day pass

InMusic Festival (July 29-31)
honestly, these guys have the best lineup I’ve seen of any festival this year! There is no weak day with Ill Nino headlining day 1, SUBS + Second Hand Rose on day 2 and a trifecta of Xie Tian Xiao, Tricky and Cui Jian to close things off on sunday. The price is reasonable, the music should be good and hopefully, the logistics are handled somehow…. only drawback: it’s in way out bumfuck freakking boonies of tanganika.

Mao’s 8th Punk Festival (August 6, 6:00 pm)
Next to MIDI, this has got to be the most real festival in Beijing. Punks from all over the city gather around for a huge party at Mao Livehouse.. and you’re invited! dust off the overalls, doc martens, extra hold gel and those ear pins! This year is looking as good as ever with everyone on deck: SUBS, Misandao, Hell City and more. This year will see the return of the UNSAFE with a freaking new CD… about goddamn time. No better gig in town that day folks, unless you get Xie Tian Xiao or Miserable Faith playing your living room.

Rock Aid (August 12-14)
kudos to Alex from Beijinggigguide for bringing this one to my attention. It’s looking interesting and she’s got a writeup about the whole things over on her blog. On of the highlights is day 3 with good ‘daze friends, Chunqiu, headlining.

Beijing Jazz Festival ( August 26 or so)
Details are still thin on this one folks with the only reliable listing coming courtesy of City Weekend:
I like the names I see on there but I’ll hold my breath for a while because I have not been able to find a single other source to verify this thing is taking place.

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  1. Mike Cormack says:

    Jazz Festival? I’m there, dude! (Assuming it happens!)

  1. August 4, 2011

    […] just come across a post on the BeijingDaze website mentioning the possibility of a jazz festival here at the end of August, but as it says […]