Quickslants: RockAid, Samba, Shanren and friends ready to rock your weekend

Interesting weekend ahead as usual folks with a variety of sounds available to those seeking musical entertainment. Rockaid is going on pretty much all weekend. Shanren return to 2K and host of other goodies happening left and right. The Tiger beer battle of the band continues with sessions at Mako Livehouse and Mao Livehouse. Kamila returns at Jianghu and more….
Without further due, let’s get rolling folks! Here’s where i’m most likely to show up for good tunes.

Thursday August 11

Xiao He & Jeffrey Lewis @ Yugong:
No, I’m not going there but it does have the potential to be amazing if both of these guys do things right. Here’s always hoping Xiao He forgets his laptop at home but I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I heard some good stuff about Jeffrey Lewis so go for it. I’ll be at Capoeira instead!

Old Folk @ jiangjinjiu:
Two relatively unknowns Ma Di and Dong Ye play a free show in gulou. This might actually be a cool opportunity to discover something cool and new. The guys at Jiangjinjiu are pretty cool about spotting talent.

Friday August 12:

Shanren @ 2Kolegas:
I’ve never seen the wild ones play 2 K so it should be cool. I’d like to see how their sound has changed since last time when they started sounding increasingly more metal. This one is undeniably gig of the evening, bar none! Undistinguished Youth , whom i never heard, start things off.

Rock Aid 1 @ Tango:
first day of this weekend long extravaganza where musicians get together to raise money for a certain wee-gher related province. on the menu for day 1, you’ll find: Ordinance, Twisted Machine, The Ruins, Mirage and Diamond. All bands tend to be around the Metal side of the spectrum so be ready for it.

Saturday August 13th:

Samba Night@ 2 Kolegas
the drive in hasn’t been too active this month but they’re coming back with a vengeance. Sambasia will be in the house, Brazilian rhythms, drums, breats, booty-shaking and tons of fun… here’s hoping for some amazing weather if possible.

Sunday August 14th:

Rock Aid day 3:
Last day of the rock feast with a few twists and surprises thrown in: Chun Qiu makes one increasingly rare electric performance, along with Long Shen Dao, Residence A and Ember Swift… not a bad lineup at all for a sunday night! great music, great cause and we’re looking at a nice turnout as much as possible.

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  1. dan says:

    also tonight hedgehog at mao for the tiger beer shows, and just announced, carsick cars and old what sunday night! not a fan of csc, but, some people are…….. d22 has some interesting shows the week after next, mr graceless on a weekday, as well as bedstars, in addition to rustic’s going away show~~