Quickslants: Stringfellow, Swift Release, Bookswap, Queen Tribute and more

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Moving over at ‘daze HQ so we might be able to resume normal blogging operations as of this week. A lot of pics, reviews and news coming your way but we’re gonna start with an early edition of the quickslants because of a potentially VERY good show on Wednesday at Yugong Yishan…. so here goes folks

(c) Ken Stringfellow

Wed October 31:

Ken Stringfellow + Sonja Van Hamel @ Yugong:
I’ve been keeping my eyes on this one for a while due to strong recommendations from a friend whose opinion I do respect. Stringfellow is one of those modern day poet/troubadours with tons of talent. He had his hands in the last Hanggai album among other things like playing with REM and the Posies. Sonja is also multifaceted and multi-talented. This one should be pretty darn good folks… pretty rarn good. Read an interview with Strangefellow over at City Weekend

Thursday Sept 1:

Pierre Brahin Trio @ Jianghu:
Been a while since Jianghu made an appearance on here. This trio, regulars on the Beijing scene, have mastered their craft and deliver smoothing Jazz sounds. I haven’t been able to catch them in a very long time so it’ll be quite fun to see how they changed. I remember thinking that Pradat’s stuff was hit or miss a few years back… I’m overdue for a do over.

Friday Sept 2:

Ember Swift CD Launch @ 2 Kolegas:
I like Ember.. She smiles and entertains all while delivering songs that are not all boppy and happy. There’s quite a bit of social conscience in her lyrics and tons of feelings. The Laowai songs has been mentioned enough and there are more. She’s also adamant about establishing a connection with the audience! Good friend Jess Meider set for opening duties! Don’t get there too late for this one folks, Ember is expecting so she might not last past 1:00 a.m

Lao Liu & Sand @ Mao Live:
It’s been a while since I’ve seen Sand venture out of Jianghu to play a set… it’s kinda like their home base! but here they are planning a show at Mao so it might be a bit more electric and rocking that usual. I wasn’t too impressed with their set at MIDI this year but Mao is something of a different beast.

Saturday Sept. 3rd:

Nothing too exciting happening for saturday which is pretty weird. There’s a reggae night at 2 Kolegas which is always fun but other than that, just a band of random shows, none of which grabbed my attention but..but… there is:

Bookswap & Boardgames @ Sequoia:
The september edition of this mainstay is in its third year. Come play board games and swap your books/novels with some cool people! If you have the fortitude, try and challenge anyone for a game of Settlers of Catan…. no mercy will be shown! Starts at 2:00 p.m

Sunday Sept. 4:

Queen Tribute @ Yugong:
Bad Mamasan, Los Crashers and Kick Ass set to pay tribute to Queen on Freddie Mercury’s Birthday. Gonna be an interesting opportunity to belt out old songs we know by heart. I’m also curious to see Bad Mamasan with their new drummer as well as Kick Ass without former lead guitarist Mess Xiang.

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2 Responses

  1. jtdj says:

    Went to the Ken Stringfellow gig, and to be honest, I was kind of disappointed. I thought Sonja‘s voice was strong, but her songs uninteresting. I thought the animations were ambitious, but didn’t add much overall. And too many starts and stops and mess ups for me to get into the show. The night only picked up when Ken ditched the mic and everyone else, came down from the stage into the crowd and played just with a guitar. He’s a talent that needs nothing else. What did you guys think?

    • Beijing Daze says:

      I was there as well, sorry I missed you!
      I thought that lyrically, he was good but the music lacked… then again, it’s not really my type of music. Sonja’s voice was cool and the visuals were really well thought.. impressive to me..