National Holiday Quickslants: Modern Sky, Super Ningxia, Old What fun, Charity and more

It’s been a beautiful beginning for october in Beijing with blue skies, mild temperatures and freaking empty roads… oh yeah! For those of us fortunate enough to be in Beijing and enjoying the quiet, it’s pretty cool. That said though, nightlife and music events are plentiful for the next few days… heck, there are so many that they get their own quickslants. Of special not is the charity show on October 8th at Mako Livehouse with Zhou Yunpeng raising money to benefit kids with haemophilia

Modern Sky: October 3-5
I’m not even contemplating heading over to this one but it is happening over in huairou and the usual suspects will all be there. If you can brave the transportation issues and the disaster that modern sky run events are, then you should be fine. Head over to the Beijinggigguide for updated schedule of events.

Monday Oct 3:

Pairs @ Mao:
More Shanghai bands doing the trip up north. They’re slapped with a bunch of indie bands but these kids are actually a lot heavier, noiser and more interesting. I’m really tempted to check them out tonight at Mao. They play along with Cassette, Me Too and Next Year’s Love.

Buyi @ Jianghu:
Haven’t seen my ningxia boys in a little while and I’ve actually never seen them at jianghu come to think about it. Heck, I haven’t been to Jianhu in a few weeks and this sounds like a nicer evening than the potential crapout at Mao. I hear they buyi gang is prepping some new songs yet again so this could get interesting. small factoid that might only interest me: I get on average 4 to 10 people a day that get to the blog through google searching for “buyi china autumn music”.. go figure.

Tuesday Oct. 4

Super Ningxia @ 2Kolegas:
Yup, it’s another one of those and it might end at dawn judging by the rare form every one is at lately. Lao Da, Buyi, Whai, Nucleus, Lidong, Skarving and Summer Band…. not a bad lineup over there. Let’s just hope that they don’t take forever in between sound checks otherwise they’re gonna be playing til early morning. I’m curious to hear Lao Da’s voice on this one since he’s been playing pretty regularly lately. WHAI is in the running for best new band of 2011 in my book with Liu Miao, Zhang Wei and Chen Zhong doing some interesting prog rock…

Misandao @ Old What:
Part of the Old What? bar 10 years celebrations, the punk kids come out to play. Misandao, The Unsafe and SOchu Legion just to name a few will be on deck providing the loud Ois.. so get your Doc Martens and head on over to the side of the forbidden city for some punk.

Wed Oct 5

Mamer/IZ & Hsu-Nami @ Mao Live
This is quite an intriguing show: We last saw IZ as they were getting ready to embark on a mini-world tour following their last release… I’m stocked to have them back in Beijing. Hsu-Nami just sound like one bitching good band name. Also prog rock, hailing from new york and playing the erhu… very high potential if you ask me.

Mademoiselle @ 2Kolegas:
The Montreal Minx takes the gang out to the drive thru for some good old fashioned swinging times with lovely chanson and dirty ditties. Marie Claude and her gang are always pretty darn fun to play with. A joy day in day out to listen to.

Randy Able Stable @ Salud:
Yes, the stable and some rum.. that could be an interesting option. I’ve been waiting for them to come out and play some other venue than VA for a while now so I could see how they sound this might be the right opportunity depending on how the night goes with other shows.
cancelled.. see the Randy Abel Stable sunday night at Jianghu.

Thursday Oct 6

Lone @ Old What:
Lone is Bian Yuan’s ( Ex-Joyside) solo folk project. I’ve been dying to catch it for a little while as I really dig the guy’s style. his shaky English interpretations have a little je-nesais-quoi like when he covers Alabam Song with accordion and guitar… I love the recordings on douban and want nothing more than to see it live. Check out the songs on douban

Friday Oct 7

Carsick Cars @ Old What
It pains me to list this one but it might end up being a special gig. I expect crowds to spill out of the sidewalk as Beijing’s young and old come in force to see carsick cars and Soviet Pop. Rumors are that Zhang Si’An might also be making an appearance that night.

Saturday Oct 8

7 Kids want to Grow Up @ Mako
Zhou Yun Peng comes back to Beijing and brings some of his closest friend folksters for an evening of heavenly tunes at Mako Livehouse. They’re aiming to raise some money for children suffering from haemophilia, with support from Su Yang, Shao Xiaomao, Wu Tun, Wang Juan and Ma Yulong. This is one hell of a noble cause, worth coming to shuangjing for.

Black Cat Bone @ 2 Kolegas
The bone, Kolegas, a saturday night…. you know how this one will end folks and it won’t have to be pretty, just loud, crewed, tattooed and eventually bruised. My liver is aching just thinking about this night….

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3 Responses

  1. josh says:

    thanks for mentioning the Carsick Cars show @ What even though it’s not ‘your thing’! by the way it is a pangbianr show and we’re releasing a CSC cassette tape. and Zhang Si’an is definitely playing. my ongoing quest to mix things up..

  2. Beijing Daze says:

    cool beans.. wasn’t aware it was a pangbianr show which makes it even better.

  3. Thanks for mentioning The Randy Abel Stable and our planned show at Salud on Quickslants. Unfortunately, because of factors beyond our control, Salud has cancelled the show planned for Wednesday night October 5th. We still are unsure of the reasons why. The Stable will be playing at the Jianghu Sunday, October 9th, at 9:30pm. This is a special birthday show and we can’t think of a better way to end the October National Day Holiday period. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the cancelled Salud show and look forward to seeing readers of Quickslants at the Jianghu on Sunday October 9th.