Quickslants: The Beijinger grows up, Vasko VATT trio, Lao Da unleashed, Metal Fever and more

After the musical onslaught that was last week, I’m really looking forward to a slow weekend with a few opportunities to catch up with friends away from concert halls and live houses. Still, there are a few things going on in town that could be interesting to check out. Let’s see what’s on the menu:

Thursday Oct. 13

Arcane Saints @ Mao:
This is sounding like a really good gig. I read a few interviews with the band that make me wanna go check them out. From what I hear, they sound like a funky version of Nickelback if that’s your thing. Los Crasher is on opening duties so expect quite a bit of hard rock and some cool covers. Could be an easy breezy intro into the weekend.

Friday Oct. 14

The hip show is Jo Jo Mayer at Yugong Yishan so that’s the one I’m staying away from that.. a few noticable things to check out could be:

Los Crasher & Residence A @ Mao
I’m fascinated by Residence A‘s showmanship. This band gives themselves 200% with every performance I’ve had the pleasure of catching. Los Crasher is also on the same league of performances… Basically, you’re guaranteed a high energy hard rocking show. The Power Powder, that blues band that impressed the hell out of me a few weeks ago, is also on the bill. This is one night where i wish Mao had some sort of order for their lineup ahead of time.

Vasko Atanasovski @ Jianghu:
Slovenian composer and Jazz virtuoso Vasko Atanasovski brings his trio over to the hutongs for a jazzy night. Expect a lot of guest artists from Beijing’s jazz afficionados inluding Li TieQiao, Lao Liu & Sand along with a few more. Sepending on how that carefour FREE wine tasting goes, I might try to drag myself over there.

Saturday Oct. 15

Talk about one of the busiest days of the year…. anniversaries, booze, books and what not.

October Book Swap & Board Games @ Sequoia:
The October edition of this monthly meetup was delayed by national holiday weirdness so it’s coming quite late. Get your inner geek out and come for board games, swap your books and chill out between 2 and 6 pm with some cool folks. It’s a perfect way to get you ready for

The Beijinger 10 Years Anniversary party @ Sanlitun SOHO
yes, my favorite expat rag turns 10.. kind off…. and we’re expecting celebrations in style from 4 to 9 pm. rmb100 gets you free flow of beer, wine, cocktails along with musical goodness by DUDE and a bunch of DJs. Stay tuned for an opportunity to win some tickets through this blog later on today.

Lao Da & Li Dong & Marie Claude @ Jianghu:
Man is Lao Da busy or what? After spending the last year or so in hiding and dealing with health problems, he’s on fire playing I think 4 shows this month!!! They’re bringing the unholy Ningxia union to Jianghu for a double bill with Lidong. This might be one packed affair folks so I do suggest heading over early-ish to grab a seat and get comfortable. Well, word came that Lao Da is sick and won’t be making the show. It’s sad to hear and we wish him a prompt recovery. Marie Claude & Matthiew will be filling in with Quebec tunes… It could be fun!

Liu Yusi @ Old What:
I’m fascinated by this guy after seeing him a few times play with the Randy Abel Stable and doing his solo stuff at Hot Cat Club. Yusi is a Genuine human jukebox that can play or sing just about any classic rock/americana song. He’s pretty solid with Cash covers, Willie Nelson, Hank Jr. etc…. who’d have thunk it a few years ago that I’d be writing those words about a local musician?

Shuang Zi Album release @ Tango:
One of the underground heroes of the rap community in Beijing releases his new record, Power of the Powerless. It seems like most Chinese rap is veering towards the metal-rap kind with heavy guitars and drums accompanying the loops. Shuang Zi is no exception. His work though tends to be more polished that the others. Warning, ticket prices are steep at 120 (door price) but advance purchase is only 80.

Sunday Oct. 16

Randy Able Stable @ D-22:
Honestly folks, these guys are good! I saw them last saturday at 2 Kolegas where they played non stop for 3 freaking hours after Black Cat Bone. It’s a band that’s having fun onstage and they have common genes with the energizer bunny I believe. They keep going and going and going and going and going…. I’m amazed at the depth of their catalog of covers and also quite fond of the originals. Randy is capturing some essential moments of Beijing’s less glamorous side through his lyrics. The small space in D-22 should make for a great intimate show.

Asian Metal Festival @ Tango
This one is a bit of a mess. Scheduled originally for Mao Live, it is held at Tango 3rd Floor. I’m glad it is taking place and the lineup looks really intriguing… it better be if priced at RMB160: Dragon Power(Yun Nan),TUAN(Thailand),Mary’s Toy(Bao Tou), Hyonblud(Beijing), The Metaphor(Beijing), CLANDESTINIED(Japan), Frosty Eve(Beijing), THE NINE TREASURES(Hu He Hao Te), Cankered Corpse(Xi An), SKALD(Korea), Unbridled Five(Beijing), Scream Christ(Shang Hai), SIGH(Japan)…. Things get started EARLY (14:00h) Check http://www.lvzhou.net/bbs/thread-60458-1-1.html for details

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5 Responses

  1. Jaime says:

    Where is this Metal fever you speak of?

    • Beijing Daze says:

      Had to remove it pending further investigation…. wrong listing on Cityweekend 🙁
      Asia Metal Fever, Day 2 at Tango on Sunday

  2. Yusi says:

    Hey Badr, thanks for the great write-up! Yet for the Sat gig I’ll play mostly originals instead of the human jukebox, haha 😀

    See you around, Will do more Dead songs for you! (Actually i’m not that good with Willie Nelson and Hank Jr., compared to Grateful Dead, Neil Young, The Band etc….:P)

  3. Mathew Crossan says:

    Re: Randy Abel Stable, you are absolutely correct. These guys put on never ending shows. This I mean as a good thing. They never stop. I saw them at the Vanguard Bar a couple of weeks ago and they played for at LEAST 3 hours without any break!!! They are the new Grateful Dead of Beijing because of their marathon performances and I suggest any music lover, especially those who like honky tonk and some bluegrass go see them whenever they next play. I DEFINITELY will be at D22 this Sunday and I look forward to reading your review on Monday – IF they are finished playing by then : )

  4. Ruby says:

    Sadly Laoda wont be performing on Saturday due to health issues that mean he can’t travel. Malika and friends are stepping in to help out at Jianghu.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Laoda!