Quickslants: 16mn, Burlesque Galore, Devils and Iron Brothers

Edit: Too many changes in the past two days require a full edit of quickslants for the week! Beijing, can you plan properly please?

It’s a weekend of gems coming up in Beijing as we hit the sweet spot of the autumn/winter transition… it’s not quite cold but not really warm either and that’s kinda like what these quickslants sound like:

Thursday Oct. 20:

Iron Brother @ Muma Theater
Elyse Ribbons’ latest and greatest play starring Elyse herself, brother Ted as well as the usual Cheeky Monkey suspects. Elyse a witty writer with a keen sense of observation and a talent for social comedy. There is no doubt those skills are being put to extremely good use. Note that the play is in Chinese so a minimal amount of mandarin might be required. Starts at 7:30. Every night until October 22nd

New Forces of Rock @ Mao Live:
A whole bunch of bands I can’t say I have heard much of before… The future gems or the future nobodies? Either way, it’s a King Kong production and these folks tend to roam the heavier waters of Rock.. Lineup consists of: Spirit Cry, 万劫不复, 闹, 落尘 & the gray.

Friday Oct. 21:

One night W/ Lulu @ LAN:
Lulu Galore – don’t you love the name- brings her new burlesque act to LAN club. Expect to be whooed with dancing, singing, atmosphere and what not. I caught Lulu’s band, Sweat Leaf, pleying at Temple bar a few weeks ago and it was pretty darn good. Despite it being their first public appearance, it was tight. I’m a sucker for old time lounge bossa nova and if it comes in a pretty glitzy package, then I’m there. It’s on the steep side of things considering it’s LAN but RMB280 gets you the show, free flow of tapas and drinks. That’s more than doable.

Devils at The Crossroad @ 2 Kolegas:
It’s a last minute show but it’s really sounding like a good one to get down and dirty after all the LAN glitz. I have yet to see the Devils play but some buddies have and came impressed with the whole thing. They’re playing the drive in along with Joker Dog and 莫刚与分裂者, both of which I’ve never heard of and can’t find on douban. All I can tell you is the devils are old school hard rock.

16mins + Zhang Xiaosong @ Jianghu
If you’re more in a chill mood, this might be the gig for you. I’ve just recently discovered 16mn and the demos on their site left me wanting for a lot more. The singer for 16mn has a nice toned voice and knows how to use it. It sounded like folk disco if it makes any sense. Xiaosong is one of Beijing’s blues old hands… the guy plays a mean harmonica and has the voice to pull off old school blues. Honestly folks, this show might be pretty darn good.

Saturday Oct 22

Lao Da & Song Yunzhe @ Jianghu:
*warning* there is no word yet as to Lao Da’s health following last week’s cancelation. But I evening at jianghu listening to Song Yunzhe’s folks is definitely a well spent evening. If you can get both of them, then that’s like winning the folk lottery.

Temple of the Nomad @ Jianghu
With Lao Da out, Jianghu got themselves an Australian quatuor with tons of experience to provide your saturday night musical entertainment. IT’s Ali baba meets the Yellow River type of music fusing tons of various ethnical sounds. I’m listening to it as I type this and it’s really sounding beautiful. I’m there!It’s also a free show. 🙂

**Update** I spoke to Jack & Ed after their show at 121 last night and they confirmed this show will not be happening. They’re on their way back to Yunnan today, so you’ll have to wait until they come back next year to catch them.
If you are looking for some music on Saturday there’s always the Post-Rock Festival at Mako, or Sound Fragment’s 10 year Anniversary show at The One Club. ~ Ruby

They Rock @ Tango 3rd Floor
This show which has Suffocated, ChunQiu, Yaksa, Heaven, Maya and a bunch of other old school rocking beijing bands just magically appeared yesterday…. and here I was lamenting the lack of “good music” ( sorry Ruby, post rock don’t count) for saturday. Well, I am served. I can’t imagine a huge turnout but it should definitely be well attended considering it’s the only such show in town that night.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    BD, recommending a band that has a cover/mash-up of Eurythmics and Lady Gaga on their douban? Sometimes I worry about your music tastes …

    But you also forgot the two shows that are going to make this “Post-Rock Weekend’!

    Microfilm @ Yugong Yishan on Friday
    Free show (tickets from Alliance Francais) with French post rockers providing an audio-visual spectacular!

    Post-Rock Festival @ Mako on Saturday
    Wang Wen, Hua Lun, Glow Curve and a couple of others will make the trek out to Shuangjing well worth it!

  2. jtdj says:

    There’s a weird one at MAO tonight – Misandao and Heaven? unlikely mix, but could be interesting – 100 little pricey, but still…