13 Club: Beijing’s Metal Mecca Turns 7

I keep mentioning how we’re incredibly lucky in Beijing with the over abundance of live music venues… and it is the case! In fact, there are so many that it’s almost impossible to make it to all on a regular basis, especially when they are tucked a bit far away… This really applies to 13 Club more than most.

Hidden in a little alley right next to D-22, 13 Club has been quietly leading the way over the past 7 year as far as providing Beijing’s Metal fans and Metal bands a home. It is the Metal Mecca of Beijing, some might argue China. Sure, there’s the occasional pop/punk/emo/rock show thrown in for good measure but it is and will remain Headbanger Central.

Main man Liu Lixin‘s dedication to all things metal is beyond any doubts or questioning: He also started Dime Records, a Metal Label to help promote new bands with some of the early signings being scene heroes SAW and Ego Fall. Liu Lixin is also in Ordnance 巨蟹座, who have just won “Best Hard Rock Band of 2011” at this year’s MIDI awards. That’s a man who walks the walk and talks the talk.

13 Club, by all accounts, has one of the best and most underrated sound systems in the city as well as some of the most relaxed and unpretentious music fans around. To quote a friend of mine:

There’s nothing pretentious about 13 Club. In fact, some might find it a refreshing change. This place is all about the music, and it’s usually quite loud!

Tonight’s shindig kicks off at 9:30 with SAW, Frost and a handful of 13 Club’s most fervent supporters.

I really wish i could make it there more often and I’m gonna make it a point to do so. Tonight is sold to Voodoo Kungfu at Mao but the night is young and a trek up to wudaokou might be in order.

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