Music News to Ooze: Guide to Chinese Music, re-TROS, Avril Lavigne and Roxette in Beijing.

time to see what’s been happening around the interwebs lately… let’s catchup!

First up is this fantastic guide to Chinese musical styles on Timeout Beijing courtesy of Wang Ge..
This little piece should be mandatory reading and good reference the next time you’re in a gulou bar arguing with hipsters… Learn the differences between Tibetan Folk and Dai traditions, your mandopop from your cantopop and more!
seriously, it’s a great resource! Thanks Wang Ge.

reTROS, one of my favorite bands, have updated their weibo! They’re gearing up for a busy busy 2012 with festivals in China and overseas. Expect a new album out at some point in May! They have recorded this little baby up in New York apparently. Now that is good news to my ears! re-TROS are one of my favorite mainland based bands.

One of my favorite scandinavian guilty pleasures, Roxette, is set to return to Beijing after 17 years… oh yeah! They’re set to play the Mastercard center on March 12th according to . The Swedish duo was one of the first foreign acts to play mainland china back in the days!

While we’re at it, Avril Lavigne is also headed to Beijing in February for a show at the same Mastercard Arena… I’m not a big fan really but there is a whole generation of fans around here. The pop punksters make up a substantial percentage of music goers and they will pay for this one.

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