Quickslants: Opeth, Pangbianr, Wu Hongfei and that Jefferson Airplane Dude

well well well… Meaty Quickslants ahead sailors!
It’s been quite sometimes since we’ve seen a busy little week worth of music in this town! Almost too long! This week, pretty much all the usual suspect are back in action with only 2 Kolegas hibernating. I’m going through such a Ningxia withdrawal that I’ve decided to go visit them over the weekend and get me some saozi mian straight from the source. That said, if i were in town, these are some of the places where you’d most likely find me. I’m actually almost glad not to be here saturday so I don’t have to pick between Tango and yugong yishan.. it would be one hell of a tough call!

Wednesday Feb 8th:

Hot Cat Club of Beijing @ Modernista:
I’ve covered these guys multiple times before and they remain one of the more talented acts roaming the cafes of Beijing. 1920s flavored Jazz well played and well done in a cool little environment! I’m not sold on Modernista as a venue for live music but it’s been full pretty much every time i’ve gone there. Should be a cool party!

Thursday Feb 9th:

Nathaniel Gao & Liu Yue @ Jianghu:
Some more good jazz in store with two recognized names in the industry. Liu Yue cut his chops as part of Cui Jian’s band whereas Gao has been around the scene for a while playing with just about every Jazz musician. There’s gonna be some undeniable talent in here folks!

Friday Feb 10th

Wu Hongfei @ Yugong Yishan
She’s pretty, she’s got a mean voice, she’s talented and known for causing trouble. Wu Hongfei‘s last gig at Yugong Yishan was stop ahem.. censor ..ahem… didn’t take place. Her friendship with a notorious bearded artist was blamed! Here she’s at it again along with a bunch of other musicians starting the Valentine’s Day onslaught a full 4 days early. GAngzi, Zhao Lei and a few others will be there to show you a romantic time cough cough..

Pangbianr Night @ Old What?
D22 might have closed but that doesn’t mean the end of pangbianr. Josh is moving along and it looks like the Old What bar is the chosen destination. I can’t pretend I like or understand any of the noise rock stuff they’re doing but i have this uncanny curiosity to learn more about it.

Immanu El & Glowcurve @ Mao Live:
Yeah, I know. I’m writing about a post rock show! But these Swedish post-rockers are kickstarting their China tour friday at Mao Live! I’m not gonna be here for it but it should be a good event for those that like that type of music. Beijing postrock darlings, Glow Curve, open for them. Interesting choice for Mao’s return.. here’s hoping they get back to Rocking soon 🙂

Saturday Feb 11th

Opeth @ Tango:
Swedish Metal monsters, Opeth, visit Beijing. They’re one of the few progressive metal bands around that makes an effort to explore other genres and sounds, even incorporating the melodies in the songs. I haven’t heard their most recent stuff but I’m sure this will be a blast! Expect the Royalty of Beijing Metal to all answer the call. It’s teh one show this week that might have more musicians than non-musos in it.

Jorma Kaukonen @ Yugong Yishan:
Quick.. Who’s the only that’s played woodstock, altamont and the monterey jazz festival, also a rock n roll hall of famer, that played yugong yishan? No one yet! but this saturday, this will change when Jorma Kaukonen ( Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna) plays there Saturday with good friends, The Randy Abel Stable, opening for him. We don’t get many of these guys visiting Beijing, especially not the ones that are not all washed up and living off their mediocrity. This will be a good show for those with a blues bone.

a bunch of other shows are taking place all over town so you’re pretty much be able to get your fix anywhere!

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  1. josh says:

    thanks for the mention, B! anyone who wants more info on the pangbianr show this Friday night at What Bar can head here: http://pangbianr.com/what-bar-2012-2-10/