Live Music Quickslants: Torturing Nurse, AIS Returns, 2 Kolegas Reopens & more

This week has really flown by folks. It’s already Thursday and I’m bracing myself for a busy fun few days ahead! If you haven’t done so yet, go ahead at read jtdj’s review of the Pains show last Saturday. It has sparked a lovely discussion with over 20 comments and still going.. Great exchange on there! So, what’s happening this week?

Thursday March 1

Bye Bye for South By @ Yugong
I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to this one or not but I feel obligated! I might not care about most of the bands on here but they are getting ready to head to Austin where they will be the flag-bearers for China. I’m pretty sure Nova Heart is gonna bring the heat but all the others have not played in quite sometime and I’m not sure how/where they stand. I actually haven’t seen carsick cars play in over two years so if i want to retain my right to criticize them, I gotta at least make an effort. I’m also curious about Rustic‘s new lineup. I’m guessing it’s gonna be packed!

Steerage @ Modernista
A new Irish music outfit in Beijing by the sound of things… The way they advertise themselves is intriguing enough and they mention the word “ukulele” which is as far away from my idea of Irish music as can be. Could be interesting.

Friday March 2

Ningxia Night @ 2Kolegas
At last, those lazy bastard have decided to come out of the spring festival induced coma and get their ass back in gear. Sure enough, what’s a more appropriate grand opening than having all the Ningxia bands in the house rocking it in style? Buyi, Nucleus, Wu & the Side Effects v3, WHAI… I’m sure there’s gonna be some heavy jamming happening on this one! It’s also gonna be a good opportunity to check out the place and see how they’ve decked it out. The word “classy” has been thrown around and that in itself is scary. I can’t think of anywhere else to be that night!

Saturday March 3rd

March Bookswap @ Sequoia
yup! it’s already been a month folks. time to bring those books back and get new ones. Also time to come over and get your ass kicked playing Ticket to Ride, Monopoly, Settlers of Catan or whatever else board game you might be addicted to.

AIS, FIsh @ Yugong Yishan:
talk about a strange bill to put together.. The Amazing Insurance Salesmen finally get off their collective asses and are ready to rock out again after almost a year hiatus. It’s been a long freaking time coming and you can bet your sweet ass that ruby will be there front row screaming in delight. The bill has the drummer-less folksy version of SUBS known as Thank You for the Fish who I have yet to make up my mind about as well as Flaming Heat who flamed out in style last weekend. Who the fuck puts these bills together? Still, AIS alone might be worth it.

Torturing Nurse @ Sally Can’t Dance
Yes.. ‘daze is writing about an electro/noise/experimental show! The guys from pangbianr are doing one hell of job with this genre and even though i can’t appreciate it like they do, I recognize their hard work and dedication. A whole bunch of bands will be on hand saturday all day but the one I’m really interested in seeing is Shanghai’s Torturing Nurse. I’m dying to see this band if you can call them a band and this description from The Guardian says it all: “If you think the records are extreme, wait until you see them live. Men wearing pyjamas tie each other into bags, secure mic-ed up bodies to tables and tie naked members of the band to chairs.”See the full schedule on Pangbian.

Shaddai @ Temple
I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about these guys recently. They’re the latest and greatest reggae band to emerge in Beijing and while I have yet to see them, I expect some good talent on there! Good Roots sound from one of the resident bands at Temple.

Sunday March 4

16mn @ Jianghu
I like how this band sounds… at least on douban! The videos I’ve seen show a charismatic lead singer with a good voice and personality. I’ll take that on a sunday thank you very much.

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