Quickslants: Bloozy Farewell, Aussie Slams, Dongs, Mackays, Green Fab and more..

After the madness from last week, it feel like this weekend might be an opportunity to get some rest… hum…yeah right! It’s not as charged but just as hectic and this is again happening all over the place! Metal competition for Wacken, Bookworm and Jue Festivals etc.. you name it! Let’s dig in:

One last chance to Blooze the night away

Thursday March 15

Protect Our Rights @ Mao:
A couple of cool little bands will make their way on stage to and have a good time. For some reason, they’re being billed a slightly punk but maybe the word they’ve been looking for is “rebellious”. Kick Ass, Summer Tribe and Longway Band will be providing the goodies. I haven’t seen Summer Tribe in a while and it would be interesting to hear their progress. They tend to travel with a decent sized crew of homies that support them.

Electric Shadows @ The Bookworm
This is officially called “May Your Pen Grace The Screen”. Electric Shadows curates a special short film screening for BLF 2012. Filmmakers from around the globe submitted films inspired by Luka Lesson’s poem “May Your Pen Grace the Page”. Join us for a screening of the topselections and a live performance by Lesson. starts at 10:00 P.M

Friday March 16th

Black Cat Bone @ 2 Kolegas:
Never thought this name would appear again on the blog but oh well… With Jon Campbell back, how could it not! it had its own post yesterday so you can go to that one for reference. It will start late!
That said 2Kolegas host Devils at the Crossroad, Flaming Heat and End of the World for their regular evening party… Here’s hoping the devils are closing the night because I’d hate to miss them.

Steve Mackay @ Hot Cat Club
The former Stooge and Violent Femme brings his eclectic brand of sax-driven music to Hot Cat Club for what promises to be an interesting evening. Apparently, he will be backed by some of Beijing’s better experimental musicians which is not something i’m looking forward to, especially if these musicians came out of zooming night! The talent level is just not the same. Still, it might turn out to be amazing!

Red Pirates @ Lush
yup. Lush, in Haidian, makes an appearance on ‘daze! I have not been disappointed by the Red Pirates and love their energy! If you’re in wudaokou, not a metal fan, and want some tunes then drag your ass to Lush and have some good old fun with the pirates. Good hard rock and one of the biggest smiles you’ll ever see on a drummer.

Saturday March 17th

Red Rock Talk @ Bookworm
a joint event between Jue and the BLF. Jonathan Campbell discusses Red Rock with music critic Hao Fang. Moderated by Nathaniel Davis of Split Works and JUE. This will be a great opportunity to get a good perspective on the world of Yaogun from people who have been intimately involved with the field. It’s also a good time to get your hands on a copy of Red Rock and have it personally authographed by Jon. I’m hoping a whole bunch of folk show up to this one and make it interesting in terms of constructive criticism and the state of Yaogun today. 4:00 pm at the Bookworm

The Beijing Beatles @ Temple
This might just be a lethal combination folks… St. Patrick’s day, Temple and Beijing’s Fab Four mashed up in a huge extravaganza. Don Lemon better drink some hot water with ginger and lemon: He’s gonna be singing all freaking night to rowdy crowds! I believe they also have special deals on Guinness.

Lukas Lesson @ 2 Kolegas:
Aussie Slam champion, Lukas Lesson, brings his rhymes to the drive in for what promises to be one hell of a slam. I’ve met Lukas this week and he is quite a nice guy.. huge talent cellebrated all around the world. Coming from a background of literature and poetry, I always like to see them fused with my other passion: Music. This cat does it well by all accounts!

Of course, these are just some of the events happening around town. Keep in mind that the Bookworm Festival is still going on for a week and Jue hitting the capital hard. Keep an eye on a follow up post about the Wacken competition at 13 CLub.

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